Nation's longest active home winning streak on the line

(JohnnyCougar) #1

I did not realize this till just now reading the Chronicle.

Thank you once again, Joseph Duarte, for telling me something I didn’t already know.


Me too. I would of thought it was Alabama for some reason.

(Jay) #3

Alabama lost to Ole Miss in 2015…We haven’t lost since Too-lame in 2014…also had losses vs. UCF and the UTSA travashamockery…


It was Navy for a while. I think Notre Dame knocked off Navy so now UH has taken the lead.

(Ryon Adams) #5

The streak will continue!

(Tom) #6

Jinx for sure…

(Patrick) #7

Had been Clemson until they were knocked off by Pitt late last year. Navy was tied with us, but lost to Temple in the AAC Championship game.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

The final nail in Levine’s coffin. We had a 10 game winning streak against Tulane going into that game and Tulane had lost 7 road games in a row.

(Patrick) #9

Here’s a pic of the article:

(Ryon Adams) #10

Ugh. Was a great streak while it lasted!