Na'Ty Rogers Update?


Anybody know what his injury status is?

(Cary) #2

He’s fine, he was moving around well on the sideline. Applewhite pulled anyone that even remotely got a knock. Collin Wilder was out of uniform thought at the end of game.


Thanks. I forgot about Wilder. He had a knee brace on. Hopefully he’s okay too.

(Brian C) #4

Not releasing anything at this point as per the weekly presser.

(Will) #5

praying Wilder is ok

(John Vandenberg) #6

It may actually benefit Wilder if he took a redshirt year like he could have had last year. He is not going to get in much unless Garrett Davis goes down.


Anyone who drops punts scares the crap out the coach. I figured that’s why he was sitting. Here’s praying for a quick recovery and stickier hands.

(Mike Higdon) #8

He was injured running downfield covering on a kick. I was wondering how he is doing. Only his second game this year and he could qualify for a medical redshirt.