Navy did us a huge favor yesterday

Beating Memphis 22=21.



Unless we lose to Navy and/or Memphis


The question is would you rather have your absolute must win in Annapolis or Memphis?

Now it looks like it would have to be at Navy. That is actually pretty scary.
Lose to Navy and we are done.

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While REAL early, it puts us in the Western driver’s seat for now.

We have always had control of our destiny. Nothing has changed. Take care of business.


the trick vs navy is to keep the defense fresh, we score so fast and the d will be out there a long time vs that grind it out run game.

I’m not exactly sure how it all works but would beating Memphis create a need for a tie breaker of some sort?

The key to Navy is to go up 3 scores early!


The key to playing against navy is we hope it doesn’t rain hard that day. Rain in 2016 was horrible. Memphis game was horrible as well.


Let’s hope for nice clear weather when we head up there. Memphis had to contend with that crap weather like we did in 2016.

One positive is we won’t have Tommy’s drama hanging over our heads like we did that week at least. That cloud was even worse than the rain.


I don’t see Navy making it through their conference slate unscathed. That would mean beating us in Annapolis, Cincy on the road (who looks much improved over last year), and UCF on the road. And it should be mentioned that Navy has to play Notre Dame right after us and right before back to backs on the road against Cincy and UCF. That’s a really tough 4 game stretch for them.

I’m good with our must-win being Navy rather than Memphis. I think we’ll do better against running teams than passing teams. Although I think both will be must-wins as I have no idea how the tie-breaker would work if our only conference loss is 1-loss Memphis and Memphis’ only conference loss is 2-loss Navy.

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Memphis also plays UCF, which is another potential conference loss. But none of this matters, JUST WIN BABY!

And we still have to play Tulane, Tulsa, SMU, and ECU. Y’all know what I’m talking about. LOL


Navy/Memphis was played in some serious rain. Was hard to judge how good Memphis was. As we know, any game in Nap Town isn’t a gimme

Still gotta beat both of them, if anything it makes both games an absolut must win,Memphis if they beat us will get the tie breaker due to rank

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What a Bummer, was really hoping they would put up 60 on UNC

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They should move the game to Orlando.
Or do like Coastal Carolina who is playing tomorrow at 1:00.

Not so quick.
Navy 1-0 in conference
UH 0-0 in conference
For now, Navy in the driver seat.

#1-0 for UH

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Lol we better show up!

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