Navy game at noon? Nope, it’s 11am


Comcast has the UH vs Navy game with a 12pm KO but has it still TBA.

Anybody seen an announcement of game time?

(Jerrycoog) #2

My guess is 11am I just can’t see either team getting enough attention that day to be on tv at a good starting time.

(PMM) #3

Haven’t we suffered enough !


No, apparently not.

(PMM) #5

This crap is out of control.

(J V ) #6

It makes no sense on the LSU broadcast they said it was their first 11AM game in 6 years. 6 years!

(PMM) #7

Our conference serves as a filler when necessary. Comes from being in a prostitute conference.

(Paul Marlow) #8

Texas Tech has also been getting hosed with early games this year, too.


#@$&!!! ugh.


When the coogs are a perennial top 10 team and national title contender that puts 80k butts in seats per game, we can start dictating start times.

(PMM) #11

So, it is kind of a Catch 22…keep having 11 a.m. games on 90 degree days and we will be lucky to have 8K per game.

People will value their health eventually. I guess you noticed that student attendance was down at the last game drastically…whether a health issue, late Friday night or inebriation, I don’t know.

UH attendance is what it is and has been since I have been going to games starting in 1964.

Of course, for most of those years, TV did not get to dictate the start times…and the coaches didn’t make $5 Mil a year
because of TV money.

Progress I guess ??

(Jerrycoog) #12

You would think that the lack of consistency in start games has to hurt attendance. I know the big boys don’t have this problem, but when you are a program that has always had an issues getting butts in the seats it has to hurt.

(Trent) #13

For what it’s worth, this is the first game I can make it to since Texas State in 15, and a day game would really help because 1: my two year old would be able to go, which 2: would make it easier to ensure both sets of grandparents get their fair share of time with him. Who do I call to make it happen? Even a 3pm start is good.

(jimmyschofield) #14

Selfishly as an OOT Coog I’m just glad 99.9% of our games are televised these days.

(PMM) #15

Bringing a child make sure you have plenty of sun screen and patience. If a hot day (hopefully not), can be tuff on little ones.


way too early weather forecast for 11/25 sunrise 6:54 sunny with a high of 74. If this holds it will be beautiful.

(PMM) #17

True. But ultraviolet rays will still burn.

Maybe not our old crusty fart skins :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, but children are different.


I agree, I am a grandfather and children should have sunscreen applied before they leave the house and often while they are out in the sun. What I was addressing was the temperature for the game.

(PMM) #19

We never know…what with Global Warming and all :sunglasses:


Would you rather have an 11:00 am game on Saturday for a 6:00 pm game on Tuesday?