Navy game ticket allocation

(Jim smith) #1

Per ticket office: our Navy game ticket allocation is sold out. Wow. Anyone buy fron the. USNA tix office recently? I am having a helluva time getting through. Suggestions?

(Dan) #2

Our allotment sold out last trip to Annapolis as well.


How big is our allotment?

(Chris Vaughan) #4


((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #6

I’m originally from Baltimore but have never been to Annapolis. Looking forward to this trip as much as any regular season trip since West Point.

(David) #8


(Chris Vaughan) #9

Miss Shirley’s for breakfast

Middleton Tavern for lunch (George Washington ate there)

Cantlers for dinner

If it’s your first visit, recommend scheduling the early Naval Academy tour, then a short walk to Middleton’s for lunch.Just grab seats at the bar.

Look for me at Cantlers. It’s my hangout.

(James Duncan) #10

And Please please no wet weather this time


I may have missed this but does anyone know where the UH ticket allotment is located in the stadium?


Probably in corner or end zone like every other away game, that’s why i buy from home school on away games to get better seats even though I would prefer to sit with Houston fans


Two years ago it was upper deck on 10 yd line. Not good seats.


Yeah, I bought great seats for the game two years ago. Unfortunately, virtually everything about the game itself kind of sucked.

(Nathan) #15

Our allotment has been sold out for at least a month. I bought online through the Navy athletics website. According to the UH website our sections are 32 and 132

(Ben) #16

Two years back, we sat in a group of UH’ers and we were about where the “G” of “GO NAVY” is located on the visitors side, upper deck . . . . . Seats were not around the goal line . . . . .

(Al) #17

Seating was terrible, worsened by the weather. One could have moved almost anywhere on the visitors’ side because many left at halftime or before. Just a great road trip, second only to West Point because our first time there was the weekend of 9-11 and CBY was inducted into Army’s Hall of Fame.

Will be a great showcase for EO and D’EK! Really sorry to miss this year’s game.