Navy Gameday Timeline

(Patrick) #1

7 AM - Ticket office opens
8 AM - Shasta’s Square and Parking Lots open
9 AM - Cougar Walk and Gates open
10:36 - Cage Sway
10:40 - Spirit of Houston performs
10:52 - Coogs take the field
10:59 - Coin Toss
11:02 - Kickoff

(David) #2

They didn’t put the “Salute to Service” in there?


Salute to service will be a theme throughout the game. Some cool stuff planned but even at this 11th hour not completely official yet but real close.

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5


What jets did they use in the flyover?

(Cary) #7

Most likely those were T-45 GOSHAWKs. That is a Navy trainer aircraft.


Marines jets

(Brian C) #9

Wish we had a heads up they weren’t flying over directly at 11. We missed it in line at the “lets make sure we serve everyone in over 10 minutes” concession stand.


The were T 45 C aircraft from VT21 and VT22. The aircraft is an intermediate / advanced jet trainer with a tail hook.


I live beltway and I10 west and they came over low heading west @ about 25 till 11am. They came over low and slow, but you can’t help but notice the sound. And then they came back heading east about 5 min later past the house and apparently threw the coals to it because the sound then was deafening. It dawned on me they were going to flyover. Who knows were they went from there because they would still be to early for the game? And yes I was outside on the patio drinking and cooking listening on the radio pregame.