Navy @ Temple - 7p on ESPN

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Temple @ 7 point underdog.
Memphis @ Tulsa tomorrow on ESPN2.

(Tom) #2

Tulsa pretty please :pray:

(Eric) #3

temple doing pretty well against navy, currently up 10-3

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Navy low on dbs.
Temple getting mismatches out there.
17-3 Owls.

(Alan Tran) #5

Temple is stomping all over Navy, WOW

(Eric Prado) #6

Man it’s so frustrating to see how a defense against a triple option team racks up so many missed tackles

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Win tonight & Temple with a bowl chance.
Need 2 out of 3.
Last 3 are @Cinn, UCF, @Tulsa.


I think Navy’s loss last night hurts our conference overall. They will drop out of the Fornelli 50 and it’s doubtful another AAC team moves in. As of today AAC has 6 teams in the 50, more than B12 or P12, Tied with ACC and trail SEC and B1G by one.


I imagine Temple winning helps us right now since we beat them earlier?

(Patrick) #10


Imagine coaching linebackers vs a triple option team and seeing that. lol Blood would be boiling!


This is the type of wrinkle that I don’t know why we never use. In this play it’s the QB, but is normally done with a TE. It’s easy plug in, hard to defend, and could be added to any passing play.

QB walks up to the line (the TE would already be on the line) and the running back takes a direct snap.

QB is fake blocking (as a TE would) lol. The running back comes around for the pitch and eventual pass.

The QB sneaks into the second level due to the over-pursuit of the potential run.

The rest is history.

I don’t know why we haven’t incorporated this into our offense yet. Especially since we run so many RPO’s.

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Interesting factoid.
Navy has played in Philly over 140 times.


This could be an extreme reach, but I think Navy might be distracted, due to the BYU position most likely opening up again next year. I’m not sure Sitake gets retained.


I feel like we run a similar play, just without the direct snap to the half back, Postma scored a TD on it. Does the direct snap really add that much?


If your’e a 90/10 (Navy) run team, I think it matters. I gotta be honest though. I think our guys would bite on that as well, due to the fact of the likelihood that it actually is a run play. I do recall us scoring on a similar play. We need to run more of these!

(PortlandCoog) #17

Yep King to postma on a reverse, just no direct snap…

(Dan) #18

I think there is something to playing Navy later in the year. They seem to wear down while other teams are getting better. Nosedived last year in late Nov/Dec. Glad we have them in late November this year.

(sarkcoog) #19

I thought this was a cool play that the Bears ran. Imagine this trickery with King.

(PMM) #20

It requires innovation.

We have no innovative coaches !