NBC/ESPN/CBS -AAC Basketball 2019-20 previews

nbcsport is extremely high on us…

espn is lukewarm on us…decently steamy if we get grimes

4 projectors total: 1 as a favorite, 2 as the 3rd team in the aac, 1 as the 4th team


I’m still astonished at the relative lack of respect CKS receives. Everyone thought we would struggle after losing Rob Gray. Not only did we not struggle, but we got significantly better. Now everyone’s saying we’ll struggle to replace Galen, Corey and Armoni. Big losses for sure, but history has shown CKS figures out a way to win with what he has. I’ll take CKS against any coach in the AAC, including Gregg Marshall. And I’ll take better coaching and actual player experience (UH) over better talent (Memphis) all day every day.


espn does not favor us !

How will I be able to go on with life :rage:

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CKS has instilled a hard nosed, tough, physical, swarming defensive culture. If you don’t fall in line with it, you don’t play. This is why I think we’ll be perennial Sweet-16 contenders from here on out as long as the HC remains the same.


It’s amazing how CollegeBasketballTalk doesn’t even write anything about Houston. smh

We’re playing in a Final Four if Grimes is granted immediate eligibility.


Pretty sure Memphis could make the 2nd or 3rd round of the NBA playoffs!

Penny is soooooooo awesome!!! :roll_eyes: