NCAA: 1 year waiver coming. Max signing class - 25 to 32 to replace portal losses

Could be permanent down the line. Great timing for UH. We have position groups that need big numbers.

Great time to load up on OLine and more OLine. And running backs. And defensive backs. Maybe everything except punter and kicker. :smiley:

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WR is my 1st thought then OL.
The full spectrum:frosh, JUCO, and portal guys.

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Damn that means even the medically retired will be dismissed legally to free up a spot

Talks about the possible +7 briefly then the huge impact of the portal this season.

Yeah, after our first three guys (two juniors), no one’s really shown much at WR. I’d agree that OL, especially tackles, and WR are the priority. Also need some DL. We have great depth but most everyone is a junior or senior.

Seems like the wealthiest schools will all load up on 32 which will make it a bit more difficult for non-power schools.

Thank god we don’t have to worry about those peon problems anymore. (Sips Champagne)

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And how about portal gains??? For every transfer out, someone is getting a transfer in.

Just a smoke and mirror campaign for the A5 to permanently increase roster sizes from 85 to 105.

A return to the days of hoarding players. Only problem is, it’ll cost more than it did in 1970.

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I wonder what the poor folks are doing?

Getting ready to beg us for an invite.

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