NCAA 2018 Basketball Tournament in Wichita

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Tourism site for folks going to Wichita. Has notes about Fan Events, Bars, Things to do, etc

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cc @Packtex


Great idea to invite Shocker fans to UH Alum tailgate.


OT: My new second favorite team, TSU, up at the half, 36-26 over NC Central.

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We’d be undefeated if we had these refs. They are truly letting them play


Re: OT: i love watching these guys throwin up the 3rd ward sign all game.


Different sessions I believe. If this had happened in Dallas my son and I would have gone together and taken some interesting pictures in our respective school gear. UH has a much better chance at playing in the Sweet 16 than State but when State plays well we can beat almost anybody in the country. Thanks to everybody on this board for being nice to the hated enemy from the past. I have really enjoyed the Coogs this year.