NCAA Baseball needs to change

I think baseball needs to change in NCAA. There should be scholarships for every player, and a 3rd paid assistant. Those are some ridiculous rules.



I am ignorant to the rules, what are they currently?

11.7 scholarships spread out between the 35+ players. It’s not a headcount sport like football or basketball unfortunately


And only 2 paid assistants for those 35+ players which is the worst ratio of any college sport. Softball is a little behind which it was why it was crazy that the NCAA again turned down the idea of adding a 3rd paid assistant.

Of course, our own conference was against it…against the wishes of the ADs and coaches. The Cincy representative at the meetings, who spoke for the entire conference, decided to change the conference’s vote to “No” even though the conference was overwhelmingly in support of it.

The paid third assistant for college baseball and softball will again be reconsidered by the Division I Council in October. Should the vote to reconsider the legislation pass, the legislation would likely then be voted on yet again on the same day. However, the D1 Council also could vote to have another vote in April.

The legislation needs 32 votes to pass.

NCAA sources informed D1Baseball back in April that the legislation would not be voted on again for at least two years. So, what changed?

According to sources close to the situation, the issue sits with the ACC. In the tally we received, the ACC voted ‘yes’. However, several sources have confirmed that the ACC was indeed a ‘no’ vote on the D1 Council floor. That vote essentially lessened chances of the legislation passing, and sources also indicate that it caused confusion and affected the way other conferences voted on the issue. It also influenced Jim Delaney’s ‘Power Five’ vote, which accounts for four total votes.

The failure to pass the third assistant legislation has affected plenty of schools over the past few months, most recently, Indiana. Former Indiana volunteer assistant Casey Dykes was a passionate proponent of the third assistant legislation for obvious reasons. IU also was in favor of the legislation despite the Big Ten voting ‘no’. Dykes recently left IU for a job in the Yankees organization, and he’s not the only coach to go a similar route this offseason.

College baseball coaches now have something new to fight for. Many coaches reached out after the failure to pass the legislation earlier this year. But now is the time for those same coaches, especially in the Big 12, American and Big Ten, to go to their administrations to push for the legislation. The Big 12, we’re told, is a strong flip candidate, while the ACC will be an interesting vote to follow leading up to the October meetings. The American, which accounts for two votes, is another prime candidate to vote ‘yes’ in October.

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