NCAA Basketball Scandal

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This will be interesting to follow:


Yes, will be interesting to follow. Will the NCAA try to protect the big dogs?


Louisville basketball should be hit seriously hard by the NCAA…


College Basketball is pretty corrupt. I’ve heard a lot chatter about Jarrett Allen’s bizarre recruitment. I think he did get paid to attend Texas.

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Not sure he got paid “to attend ut”; however, one can be sure he got paid after he signed on the dotted line !!

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Pat Forde (Louisville native) calling for the death penalty.

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This thing is just getting started. Once the accused start singing to get a lesser sentence, there will be more schools and coaches going down. This is going to get nasty for a lot of schools. The FBI is not dumb, they like rats, that lead them to the Big cheese.

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By the letter of the law, they should. First the stripper scandal and now this. If they do it, what does the ACC do about Louisville?

I bet the NCAA doesn’t do it though.

Probably doesn’t look good for Bruce Pearl right now either considering what happened at Tennessee and the fact that he hired Person at Auburn. If they tie this in any way back to him, gotta figure he’s done.

This is crazy, but I imagine this isn’t only going on at Addidas schools.

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Arizona is a Nike school, so their are more involved.

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I have always said that I don’t want to see behind the curtain of any type of college recruiting.


Can’t wait to see the 30for30 in 5-10 years.

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If you ever do, this SB Nation report is the gold standard for how big-time college football recruiting goes down. It’s a couple years old by now but affirms everything you probably believe about recruiting.

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No way,Nike wrote the book. If anything, I think Adidas had to push the envelop further to get back on Nike’s level after years of falling behind.

It’s no coincidence Adidas doubled their market share for May, passing Jordan Brand for the first time in years.

Nike Execs have been popping champagne all day, Adidas was on the major comeback.

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Its amazing it has taken this long for something like this to come out.

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I hope UH isn’t burned at all in this but it would be great if they could clean up and repair the broken system overall. What would really cause waves if there are tv network execs caught up in it.


The NCAA can’t push this too hard, though, or this could very well wind up knocking over the whole house of cards that is “amateur” sports.

I legitimately, 100% believe there are no more than about 20 “clean” D1 basketball programs at most, and there are 0 clean FBS (or even high-level FCS) football programs. Depending on how you define “clean,” there may not even be that many.


Is U H an Addidis school?P

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More fallout from Louisville:

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