NCAA President Mark Emmert prefers Eight-Team Playoff with P5 champs


Love that Emmert only cares about the P5 champs. :unamused:

No surprises there. The four letter network posted an article/opinion and it was a carbon copy(for the more experienced) that this individual expressed. Unfortunately I do not hear an uproar over the G5 omission(s) Let’s hope this changes. You gotta keep the faith.

Somebody said it on a previous thread, having a G5 option with stipulations like the BCS did would be alright. Top 12 guaranteed a spot, top 16 ahead of a P5 champ gets a spot (maybe even make that a little easier to get in, top 15/top 20). I wish they would get rid of the playoff committee though and go back to the BCS ranking system.

Go back to the bcs? ARE YOU KIDDING! There is a better chance of crashing the CFP then there ever was of getting to the so called CG in the bcs.

The ranking system. It was better than a random group of people deciding with unknown terms.

This is how I feel about it, too. the BCS rankings were much better – particularly for non-AQ teams – but the system was also much less kind to us as far as championship contention goes.

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