NCAA Soccer Champs

Nice to see the big schools get knocked out today.

Santa Clara knocked off Florida State on penalty kicks in the women’s final match.

And Marshall, yes that Marshall, knocked off Indiana in overtime. I think this is Marshall’s first-ever national championship in anything. For sure it is in soccer. Marshall brought a ton of fans to the game in NC and they all rushed the field. If you like soccer, it was a great game. You should watch the replay on ESPN2.

I wish we had a men’s soccer club.

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Santa Clara has a National Championship already, and produces a lot of pro players. They’re about as much of an underdog as Texas is in Football – that is to say, not much of one.

Marshall is a wild story, though, even given that NCAA MSOC is comparatively tiny.

I agree. Brandi Chastain is from Santa Clara. They kept showing her throughout the game.

But I didn’t say Santa Clara was an underdog. I was talking about a money-conference losing. I guess I could have said it’s always nice to see the P5 schools lose, but P5 is fictional and only really matters in football. But that’s what I meant.

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