NCAA T&F Championships Friday (Coogs finish 3rd)

Flotrack projections drop us by 3 points after that race. Drop Florida by 4 points even though they won.

Tech - 63
UH - 54
Florida - 46

Florida jumper will also pickup 3 pts in LJ with a 6th place finish…

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I give him a lot of credit for finishing that race hard. He took a point from the other runner who kind of gave up.


Get off stride in hurdles and you are cooked.

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100M next… need Burke to beat Divine :zap::zap::zap:

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He’s in a tie for 8th now. Still one jump to go

Shucks bad start again

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What just happened? Burke?!?!

Burke finishes 6th…our chances are dying quickly.

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I think we are out of running now

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the guys look tight…pressure getting to them.

5th place for Burke… 4 pts

Dangit nvm we wont podium im sorry for jinxing

Tech 1st, Florida 3rd.

Our guys look tight… is pressure getting to them tonight? WIGO ?

Florida jumper finishes 9th in the high jump…no points.

1st good news of the night for us :woozy_face:

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Tech Discus thrower is currently in 1st. They seem to be taking care of business so far.

As much as I want the coogs to win, if we beat Florida and finish top 3 I will be content.

Still though go coogs!!!

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