NCAA T&F Championships Wenesday

Lattin, Igbokwe, Holt, Montgomery should be the A team.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the time. Florida and Houston were way out in front and both knew they were going to qualify. Igbokwe and Florida’s anchor were jogging most of the last lap.

Plus Kahmari runs almost 3 seconds faster in the 400 than the freshman who ran the semis yesterday.

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Here was the end of the 4x400 where Igbokwe and the lorida runner were chatting with each other down the stretch.

I see Cam and Eli up there

This was prior to the events yesterday

Good exposure for our program, holding our own against top competition.

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More good news for Cougars… TT FR decathlete does not qualify or score any points for Red Raiders

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Just read Axel left the competition with undisclosed leg injury

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Feel bad for the injury but happy that coogs chance got better. Hopefully the injury is nothing serious.