NCAA tournament bubble analysis

FYI, has a pretty good record when it comes to picking teams for the NCAA tournament. It’s a composite of over 100 different brackets.

It started in 2006. In the last 11 years, every team seeded 1-9 by bracket matrix made the Dance. In other words, the Top 36 teams identified by the bracket experts all made it.

Only two bracket matrix 10 seeds missed the dance in the last 11 years. Both of those schools were outside the Top 40 in the Massey Composite those years.


  1. Bracket Matrix 10 seeds and better ranked in the Massey Composite Top 40 always get in.
  2. Bracket Matrix 10 seeds almost always get in.
  3. Massey Composite Top 40 gets in most of the time.

Bubble teams are Bracket Matrix 11 seeds or worse, and teams outside the Massey Top 40.

We have some work to do.


Cinny in, SMU in.

Only 2?!?!

We’re in the next 4 not getting in.

And UCF and Temple are list below but Memphis is no where to be seen.

Interesting. Thanks for posting.

Very interesting, thanks.

Arkansas and Rhode Island are currently “in.”

We may have to beat Cincy and SMU at home to give ourselves a good chance.

Vermont as well.

Might still get in even with losing to SMU and Cinncy…remember a lot of people ahead of us will be playing each other and the strong with eat the strong.

I hope that Harvard loss doesn’t come back to haunt UH.

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