NCAA Tourney action - Thursday

(Patrick) #1

This Rhode Island/Oklahoma game is really good. Rhode Island has been shooting some long range shots and hitting them. Up by 4 over the Sooners late in the 2nd.

(Patrick) #2

Trae Young trying to will the Sooners to the next round, just put them in the lead with under 2 to go. Rhode Island gets an and 1 on the other end to take a 2 point lead. 1:30 left.

Now 55 seconds left and OU ball.

(jimmyschofield) #3

LOVE that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where the two guys are watching the game screaming and hugging each other like they’re best friends. Then one leaves and the other’s gf comes over and says, “who’s he?”

“Who that guy? No idea.”


(Patrick) #4

Oh man…Rhode Island with two chances at the buzzer and just missed the tip-in. Overtime.


UPenn leading Kansas early, 19-11 with 8:32 left in the 1st.

(Patrick) #6

Great game. Rhode Island holds on to win 83-78 in OT.


That OU v. URI game was really good. What a way to start off March Madness!


Gonzaga game is tied with about three and a half to go.


A Gonzaga loss would royally screw my bracket, but what a game!

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #10

Great Miami- Loyola-Chi game.
Miami with huge turnover with 20 seconds left, Loyola misses a layup to win it.

Miami gives it up again. Loyola hits the 3 at the buzzer.

Loyola-Chi surprisingly athletic.


Holy crap Loyola lol!!!


The ending to that Loyola/Miami game is what March Madness is all about. Now let’s hope there isn’t another 11 over 6 upset today!


Their first win since 1985…can we get ours as well!

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Picked Loyola! 100% for the day so far.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Jinxed myself. Had South Dakota State too. Was tied 70-70 with 1:53 left. 7 out of 8 now. So sad.

(Ricky ) #16

Perfect bracket still, hopefully UH doesn’t ruin that for me…

(Jimmy Morris) #17

According to my ranking, 888,189 entries are 8 out of 8 on ESPN. haha

(Jimmy Morris) #18

Down to 431K that are 12 of 12.

(Patrick) #19

Arizona losing to Buffalo at half…last PAC12 team

(Patrick) #20

Buffalo rolling late. PAC12 done after this game.