NCAA West Qualifiers - May 23-25 in Sacramento

Naomi Taylor runs a 13.13 in her heat of the 100m Hurdles and finishes 2nd. She’ll move onto tomorrow’s quarterfinals.

Tristan Gibbons finishes 4th in Flight 1 of the discus with a best throw of 53.55m. Probably won’t hold up with 2 flights to go. Still only a freshman so we should hear from him more in the future.

Gibbons is sitting 11th after Flight 2.

He’s officially eliminated early into Flight 3.

Lattin stutters going into the 1st hurdle, but finishes in 13.77 and finishes 1st in his heat to qualify for tomorrow’s quarterfinals in the 110m hurdles.

Wilson runs a 14.18 and finishes 5th in his heat in a blistering heat and won’t qualify. Another freshman that has a bright future.

Igbokwe runs a seasonal best 45.35 in the 400m to win his Heat and punch his ticket to Austin!!

Montgomery one ups his teammate by running a personal best 44.78 and winning his heat to head to Austin!!

These two are ready for Nationals.


Seymour runs a personal best 11.40 to finish 5th in Heat 2 of the women’s 100m. Currently 2nd non-AQ with one more heat to go.

And she sneaks in as the last non-AQ!!! Huge for the freshman. She heads to Austin.


Burke wins the 1st heat of the 100m in 10.08 and will move onto Austin. Taylor finishes 5th in 10.37 and will have to wait.

Collins finishes in 10.31 (5th) and Ware finishes 10.33 (7th) in Heat 2. Taylor has been bumped and Collins is currently the last non-AQ.

Sumler finishes 4th in his heat in 10.36 and Alexander finishes 5th in 10.40. Means Collins will qualify for Austin.

So, Coogs get 2 of their 6 through to nationals: Burke and Collins.

How are we looking on the men’s side for the title this year? Have we qualified a decent amount? (Not too knowledgeable on the T&F qualifications rules)

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Doing good so far. No slips up at this point and Jefferson getting through in the long jump was helpful as he was questionable going in.


Excellent, go coogs!!

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Jordan finishes 4th in Heat 2 of the 400m Hurdles in 50.11 and is now the 1st non-AQ. Personal best!

Lattin wins Heat 3 in 49.45 (personal best) and punches his 1st ticket to Austin. Jordan stays the 1st non-AQ and will go with him.

Seymour runs a 23.61 in the women’s 200m and makes it in as the last non-AQ. She moves onto the QF tomorrow.

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Sumler finishes 3rd at 20.75 (Personal Best) to qualify from Heat 1 and move to the QF tomorrow in the 200m.

Montgomery wins his Heat at 20.43 to qualify from Heat 2 and move on. McDonald finished 8th in 21.81; only a sophomore so good things ahead hopefully.

Booker with a 20.86 in Heat 4 to finish 4th; moves into the 5th non-AQ spot with 2 heats left. Lewis finishes 7th in 21.26; solid freshman season for him.

Burke wins Heat 5 in 20.40 (Personal Best) and will move onto tomorrow. Booker now in the final non-AQ spot.

Alexander takes 2nd in the final heat in 20.78 to move to the QF. Booker maintains the last non-AQ spot and will also move on.

So 5 of 7 Coogs move to tomorrow. Not bad.


That’s it for Day 2 for the Coogs and it’s been another good day as everyone expected to move on has moved on and no injuries (knock on wood)

Men Update:

  • Jefferson heads to Austin in the LJ
  • Lattin and Jordan head to Austin in the 400m Hurdles
  • Burke and Collins head to Austin in the 100m
  • Montgomery and Igbokwe head to Austin in the 400m
  • Lattin moves onto the QF in the 110m Hurdles
  • Burke, Montgomery, Sumler, Alexander, and Booker move to the QF in the 200m


  • Samuels heads to nationals again in the LJ
  • Seymour heads to Austin in the 100m
  • Taylor moves to the QF in the 100m Hurdles
  • Seymour also moves to the QF in the 200m

Tomorrow, the Coogs will be in both of the 4x100 semis, the men’s 4x400, the QF of the 100m/110m hurdles, the QF in the 200m, the Men’s and Women’s shot put and the men’s high jump. I’ll put up a schedule tomorrow. Action in the field events begin at 4:45pm and the sprints start at 8pm.


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Valencia sits in 5th after 2 heats of the shot put with a top throw of 60’3”

Gibbons sits in 14th with a top throw of 58’2”

2 heats to go with most of the top throwers coming up so it’s unlikely either advance. Great career for Valencia though and Gibbons is only a freshman and should be here often.


Rivera gets to 6’9” in the high jump, but can’t make 6’11”. He’ll end up somewhere in the 20s and his season is over. Rivera has one more year after this and here’s hoping he can make it back.

Adejokun tops out at 14.7m in the women’s shot put and sits 16th after the 1st two heats. She’s only a sophomore and I like what she’s done this season.

Women’s 4x100 puts up a seasonal best and runs a 43.93 to finish 2nd in their heat and will move onto Austin. They finished far behind USC, but there was some good distance between them and the other teams in 3rd.

Oh no…4x100 team drops the stick.

That’s not good.

There goes our shot at a national championship this year.

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