NCAA Women's Beach Volleyball Tournament


Starts today and runs through Sunday. UCLA and USC have been other-worldly good this season.
Their #1 pairs play at olympic+ level. Its very competitive and moves really fast so its fun to watch. I would love to see UH add beach volleyball sooner rather than later. Would help recruitment and development of our volleyball program and could make us more attractive to conferences like the pac or acc if and when realignment occurs especially If we could build a top notch facility like the ones at LSU and FSU.

HBU has a team so it can definitely be done in Houston.

(Dustin K) #2

Do some college athletes play both beach volleyball and indoor?

(Patrick) #3

A lot of them do since they take place in different seasons and are usually coached by the same coaches. This really wouldn’t be a bad program to add, especially if we are looking at the PAC 12.


Ucla advanced to tomorrows final and will face the winner of tomorrow mornings game between LSU and USC. Hopefully the weather holds up in Gulf Shores.

(Dustin K) #5

I wonder how much money and interest it takes to add the program. I guess one could look at women’s gilf for that.


Its one of the fastest growing sports right now. They are building bars with courts to attract amatuer leagues. Same with pickleball, which i am absolutely not advocating for ncaa inclusion. :grin:. LSU just opened its on campus beach volleyball facility and moved from the bar they had been playing at. HBU is currently playing its home matches at Third Coast volleyball club which is a bar in southwest houston.