Need a Much Better OC


Would Art Briles sign on as our offensive coordinator? If not, what about Kendall Briles?

Because what we have now obviously ain’t gonna work.

(Jerrycoog) #2

Its Applewhite’s offense it doesn’t matter who the OC is.


If that’s true, then when Applewhite looks in the mirror does he see Tony Levine or Travis Bush?

(Chris) #4

I had to get some fresh air, go for a three miles walk with my girls, wife and puppy. This is the coaching staff responsibility. In six games our offense has been inexistent. I can understand that we lost players but at the same time Major has been with us since 2015. This was Major’s responsibility to put together the best Coaching staff possible and that also means the same about recruiting. Instead we hired Mr. Brian Johnson that was previously fired in his only try as an OC. We heard/read that he was another QB gurus because of Dak Prescott & Fitzgerald. Did anyone think for a moment that Prescott & Fitzgerald might have been a stellar athlete with a solid OL? Is the SEC known for its passing records?
How has Allen done with Johnson? He is now on the bench
How is Postma doing with Johnson? He is going to the bench.
King next incoming QB? Are we also going to waste his talent? Spring training told us that we had issues on offense. This was in the Spring we are now in Autumn. Issues? We are going nowhere.
A couple of numbers:
146 yards rushing against the worst RD.
Apart from Dunbar (10) King (4) and Bonner (5) all of the other receivers had ONE CATCH against Tulsa, Tulsa. Was that the best 1-5 Team on the planet? Seriously?
Where is the creativity in our playbook? It feels as if there are four to five basic plays and that is it. I had the exact same feeling against UA. Tulsa was 1-5 and nothing to lose. We all knew that this was a “trap” game. We were not up for it. That is 100% on our HC and OC. How come the defense played solid until half way through the fourth quarter? D’Onofrio must have some serious concerns tonight. Apart from Rice the defense bailed us out every time. We are not in a P5. We do not have the luxury to try out unproven OC’s. We need to find someone that is on par with Major. That surely is not the case. What if he was? Then we have a much bigger problem. I am not there but it surely does not look good. One more point. Did you all notice how Montgomery was happy to pile it on? That speaks volume.
P-S: Guiton should also be on the seat. Our WR’s are lacking basic fundamentals. That has been true since the first game.


We need a new OC stat. Applewhite should at least demote and call the plays himself.


I will agree that Applewhite should start calling plays again. Also, is there a TE on the roster? If so, where is he? Do they not have a TE that can catch? The offense is very basic. It seems like half the time, the defense knows what’s coming. The screen passes are effective when you have WRs that can block. Guess what? They aren’t blocking well. DBs are winning on the outside. Changes need to be made and soon.

(Brian C) #7

I believe Brooker had a catch today — but they are definitely not being used in this “offense”.


does anybody really believe that major is not heavily involved in the playcalling? this is the offense he wants. he knows what’s being called and that’s okay with him. he’s a greg davis disciple. same unimaginative garbage that ut and iowa ran.


Any coach that’s tried to line up and run over people at UH has failed. Applewhite better wise up and/or find a top dual threat QB PDQ.

I haven’t been to practice or in the QB room, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if freshman QB Bryson Smith was asked to play and give up his red-shirt this season.


We have two TEs that have good hands. We have an OC who refuses to implement them into the passing game. 3 straight games without a pass to a TE. Johnson is terrible.

(April) #11

Also frustrating since we pay for a tight ends coach!

(Russel ) #12

Briles??? Our fan base would have a heart attack if he was even considered…but as of right now I’d take him in a heartbeat!!


The OC is running the system the HC wants him to run. This is how we looked in the bowl game,

(VancouverCOOG) #14

A new, better and more experienced OC is much needed, imo.


Briles? Really? Come on man.

(Drew) #16

Yep, even the announcer said Major was calling plays. This is his offense, not Johnson’s.


Exactly what everyone I was watching the game with said yesterday.

(Cary) #18

The announcer said a lot of things. He was incorrect most of the time. I don’t care who is calling the plays, only to say that when six run plays were called down when we needed to score fast, CBJ and CMA should have been like, hmmm… Maybe we should pass more to score quickly and conserve the clock.

(jimmyschofield) #19

Let’s not be like the rest of major college ball and put wins above the well being of women on campus. Say no to Briles or anyone on his Baylor staff.

(itcoog) #20

Briles did want the UH job and lobbied for it. He is just too toxic politically. However, if we brought Phillip as hc in with Kendal as oc with a female admin to watch program it may work.