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We are watching the greatest football player to ever play the game in Tom Brady.

After yesterday, there simply isn’t any room for debate.

Now the question is he the greatest team sport athlete to ever play. He still has to catch up to Bill Russell in my opinion, but now I am ready to concede Brady v Russell can be argued.


I’d put Jordan ahead of Brady or Russell in that regard, number of titles aside.

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it is debatable for sure. Jordan is iconic but when you compare accomplishments, he doesn’t compare to Russell. Nobody compares to Russell in basketball and only Brady in my opinion comes close in other sports.

Russell won two NCAA championships, a gold medal and 11 NBA titles and two as a COACH.

Russell is like Hank Aaron, the accomplishments are so weirdly out of the norm and for so long that they tend to be forgotten.


Jordan played in a watered-down league that had added 5-6 teams in the previous years.

Not to diminish Russell’s accomplishments but there were only 8 NBA Teams during good part of his Pro career. Much easier to win CShips w that few teams. Plus his accolades were more known for his Defensive prowess then on offense side of ball.


Russell wins this hands down, Brady second and Air third.
Russell was certainly a great, great shot blocker and rebounder and played for the perfect team and coach to win all those trophies.
He had a lot of great Hall of Famers helping him out.
Brady, IMO did more with less than any of those three.
Now if you want to call the best quarterback and Jordon the best basketball player of all the me that would be hard to argue

The old guard right now across sports is incredible. From Brady, to Lebron, Woods, Federer, and Messi. In a couple years the sports world is going to collectively weep.



Woods - Yes

LeBron - No… great player but physically Wilt was more dominating and Russell won way more.

Mesi - I will leave it up to the soccer aficionados.

Brady - Yes

Federer - just because I am an curmudgeon I will say Mcenroe

Gretzky - definitely yes

Baseball- open for debate. I am saying Aaron and I have numbers behind me.

Give it another 6-8 years and Lebron will retire with the greatest NBA career of all time. For Tennis the three greatest players ever are Fed, Nadal, and Djokovic. No one else in the sports history even approaches their greatness. Baseball is impossible to have a GOAT. For one you have the pitchers and position players split and two the era’s are just so vastly different. Personally I’d probably go with Williams, Ruth, Mays on the hitting side and then Walter Johnson, Gibson, and Randy Johnson on the pitching side.

Reasonable positions. I don’t agree with you on the baseball side, but your position is reasonable.

Woods - ehhhhh close but Nicklaus got him covered in Majors

LeBron - nope agree Wilt/Russ/Air

Mesi - I’d go Maradona or Pele

Brady - no debate The GOAT

Federer - yep

Gretzky - yep

Baseball - Hammers numbers are mind blowing and i loved watching him as kid …BUT…I
gotta go with Ruth as he was incredible pitcher as well

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I could argue Ruth v Aaron because of the segregation of baseball at the time. Ruth wasn’t facing all the best players. Aaron did.

But your positions are very arguable.

Aaron v Mays v Mantle that is very arguable.

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I just don’t think you can compare the different eras in baseball. You have the dead ball era. Post dead ball, pre integration era. Then after integration, you have several rule changes and rounds of expansion not to mention the steroid era. I really feel like with baseball all you can do is go about 15-20 years and select the best from the period.


Yes there is always a narrative with baseball stats.

I loved Bad Henry. He is my favorite.

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These kind of arguments are part of why we love sports, right? I’ve always believed that Kareem is criminally underrated when talking about greatest basketball players. I also would take Joe Montana if I had one game to win, in spite of what he did to us as I sat freezing in Dallas that day. I’ve never seen a baseball player who could do all the things that Willie Mays could. That’s not to disagree with the arguments for the other players mentioned above, but we all have our way of looking at things.


And may he rest in peace. The game has lost far too many greats over the last year.

Yes absolutely. He did it with such class and dignity. He moved the needle forward for all Americans. He is my favorite and always will be. 755 will always be the record.

Greatest athlete, Carl Lewis comes to mind.


If you argue best athlete then it becomes really hard. Mark Spitz, Bruce Jenner (before well whatever), Jessie Owens…thats not beginning to bring in women athletes like Nadia etc.

There are a lot of arguments. But Carl is at the top
of that list.

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Lewis was a beast. If we’re just talking about being an athlete then Phelps deserves a nod and Bo needs to be mentioned.

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