Neil Peart - RIP

To one of, if not the greatest drummer of all time. A truly classy guy and band unique in their friendship and loyalty for over 40 years. This makes my heart very heavy to read and share this sad sad news…

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He was very good. Sad news indeed. Well within any listing of top 10 of rock drummers.

Great article. I appreciate how he felt about the music industry. IMO the 70’s and 80’s were amazing creative decades. It does make me sound older. IMO we have not heard this type of creativity since that period. Like you mentioned I am also highly appreciative that Rush did not have a multitude of different band members. From 1974 to 2018 they were pretty much it. How many great bands had/have broken up over the years? That is remarkable. R.I.P.

He was the best drummer that ever lived, and given how much music is electronic anymore he might well be the greatest there ever will be

Neil will be missed. I loved Rush when I was a young man in the 80’s and still listen to it today.

Neil was the best drummer of all time, in my opinion.

I thought is was pretty cool that all the NFL games on the networks played Rush going to commercial breaks.

“Fly by night, goodbye my dear.”