Nevada AD Doug Knuth proposes MW versus AAC challenge

Sure, why not. Love to do this in basketball, but football would be nice, especially if the P5’s continue to try to throw their weight around.

Nevada AD Doug Knuth proposes MW versus AAC challenge

“I don’t know about all sports,” Knuth said. “It’s expensive for East Coast and West Coast conferences to play each other in volleyball and women’s tennis, but certainly football and basketball. Let’s do it.”

Yeah definitely. There’s absolutely no reason this shouldn’t be done if schedules could be worked out.

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“and San Diego State crushed Houston, 34-10”

With little to no staff*

Still had our offensive and defensive coordinators. If you are going to put an asterisk next to the last bowl game, you would have to do it for the win over Penn State as well.

Apples and Oranges

Meh. I’d rather sign a 10-year home-and-home with Boise than potentially get stuck playing Nevada or San Jose State.


Or just raid the MWC for Boise St and SDSU/UNLV…

I can’t remember exactly how it went down, but didn’t Orlando let the team know at halftime that he was leaving; or it was leaked to the media and they found out during the game? I seem to remember a significant drop-off in second half play by the Coogs.

AAC should try again for Boise and BYU as members.

San Diego St. had negative rushing yards in the first Quarter.

It was released by the media during the game, but the team knew before the game.

Defense was out on the field too long which was the reason for the drop off.

BYU would rather stay independent due to ESPN money and Boise has that sweet deal where they get more money than their conference mates. Only way to get either is to give them deals where they get more than the rest of the conference.

Without either, grabbing SDSU becomes moot as no one else in the MWC is worth it.

A challenge between the two would only hurt both conferences. Both. Red to schedule beatable G5s to get Ws on their record and P5s to get attention. Beating up on each other does no one good except the cartel.


It would be better than playing TSU next year.

I like this idea more:


Or maybe I’m wrong on BYU:

So the AAC, MWC, and BYU deals all expire within one year of each other. Could be nothing, but could also be an opportunity.

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