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Man I hope we can land Keondre Coburn. That DL is going to be insane!


You may know more than I do, but I haven’t seen Coburn connected to UH. I believe he did go to Texas for their Spring game.

We’ve offered Coburn and have his former DL coach as our current DL coach.

Yes, coach Blum used to coach him in HS, but so did coach Meekins. We saw what type of recruits he brought to UH; he reel in some solid recruits, one including Ed Oliver. Coach Blum has only been at UH for a few months, and hopefully he surprises me.

and Miami already has 12 top 300 commits before May. When was the last time they finished a season ranked in the top 10? More top 300 commits than Florida, FSU, USF and UCF combined. Something doesn’t smell right.

Mark Richt’s first full recruiting class.

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After a slow start in recruiting, Judas has been on a roll up there in atx.

So the question here is do we have a shot with nyy of the top local guys. It looks like just on quick glances, we’re not getting much more the the time of day from these guys. As we know it’s not the end all be all, but they are nice momentum builders for the program. Especially for a young staff a big win in the early recruiting wars would be huge.

Probably won’t get any traction with these guys unless we start the season hot.

I’m more concerned with only one commit so far. CMA has had the Spring game, unofficial visits & during week visits. And no commits. Hopefully, we start hearing some type of boom soon.

Tom Verman is killing it in recruiting to date.

Bastard is in a P5 conference. He better lol

I just remembered him tweeting this not that long ago.

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