New 3 pt line

Watching Kansas v Duke, the 3 pt line has changed the game. Its a dribble drive game again. Bigs and the ability to drive are going to be the primary weapons. No more snipers.

Back to the future, its 1983 again.


Deeky ‘the Show’ Jarreau


Agreed, we could be very good. We are built for the new game.


Theres some guys that can still make that 3. I think whoever has a sniper has a big advantage

I bet lil running back sasser’s gonna be fun too

Mid range jumpers are back in fashion. It is going to change the tournament, traditional powers will have the advantage.


disagree, moving the 3 point line back that distance isn’t changing the game at all

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Respectfully, you aren’t watching the same game I am watching.

Also can’t make statements from a few games. It may take a little time for players/coaches to adjust to the new line. The NBA line is further and you still see a lot of three point attempts. The new line just makes the 3 less cheap.

it isn’t going to change how the game is going to be played, I don’t care what happened in one half of one game.

I have to respectfully disagree. It’s about athletes again. The game is back to what it once was.

It is a better game. Real shooters will be a premium.

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So far it seems like the court has more spacing which will make the game more free flowing. Definitely will highlight the good shooters.

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Shorter rebounds…favors the bigs

One thing we don’t have is an offensive presence in the post. If you guys are right, this could be to our detriment.


Isn’t the corner shot still the same distance ?


Ben, according to CKS, we will have a presence in the post this season. I take him at his word. You don’t have to be the tallest to be better at the post. I know height can cover for lack of talent – but only to a point.


Did you not watch the tournament last year? Man they were practially hitting shots 3 feet behind last years line in a lot of those games.

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I think the guys that shoot 3s will be only marginally affected. The bigger issue is we lost Corey and Armoni. Can Sasser and Mills do the same damage from long range?

White and Gorham will be pretty good in there. While we don’t have a true offensive center, don’t count those two guys out


I was watching the Cincy game last night and it looked like the new 3 point line was a struggle for them. Several 3 point attempts were airballs.