New AD for the Evil Empire

(jimmyschofield) #1

He takes over Monday. Since he was Rice AD at one time maybe we’ll be able to schedule for football and hoops in the future. Thoughts?


based on how adamant he was against us joining the falsely named Big 12 I would think not.


What this means is that we can expect to see more games scheduled between UT and Rice.

That’s an easy win for UT which helps with bowl qualification, and Mr. H-Town Takeover himself can more easily recruit in his home away from home.

(Patrick) #4

Del Conte is not a Friend of UH.

My thoughts are that he’s basically a pawn for Deloss to run the department through.

(Eric Prado) #5

Does this shorten the leash on our former HC?

(PMM) #6

Del Conte is a Johnny come lately…he arrives after all the hard work is done.

(PMM) #7

Why are people obsessed with wanting to play uta in any sport ?

Guess we can do a 10 for 1 in football if we agree to play them at NRG and they can be the home team…NO THANKS !!

(Patrick) #8

I doubt it. Del Conte won’t be making that decision anyway, boosters will.

I think I saw that he’ll only make $1.3M for 7 years which means that Todd Orlando almost makes more than him.

(VancouverCOOG) #9



There are whispers about the famous meeting between Del Conte and Dodds, that convinced Dodds that TCU was the right choice for the Big 12. Why did Dodds have this change of heart? The whispers indicate Dodds benefitted personally from this decision.

(Chris) #11

I am convinced that they used us from the get go. Why? Looking back at history teaches you the future.
The SDSU Coache made it public last week that two small12 Schools wanted them in the small12. Guess which Schools? Having a Med School will hopefully bridge the gap with the BIG10, PAC12, ACC & SEC. It is imperative that we get it approved by August 2018. Our new A.D. needs to have strong ties with one or more of the conferences listed above.

(PMM) #12

Yes, I love his display at their press conference when the big12 announcement was made where he was crying… and then wiped the dirt off his knees resulting from his meeting Dodds !!

(Monte P Gilliam) #13

good points, Chris, i agree…Med school a huge plus for future P5 inclusion…I also agree with our AD having some contacts and connections with the conferences we aspire to join.

(zx504) #14

the rich kid on the block just goes out and buys whatever they want, all the while, thinking, “the more I pay the better it is”

(Monte P Gilliam) #15

buying who ever they want…ask aggie how that has worked for them the last 20 years…not so good, i think…you can ask Texas a year from now how great a job lyin Tom is doing when his 2 year record is 11-13…my guess is they wont be happy

(Patrick) #16

TCU stayed in house for their new AD. Doubt we’ll see much change from the Froggies in regards to our relationship with us (Frosty).