New AP poll - #25


Who knows what will happen but it’s been since 1990 that we have had a team capable of going deep into a tournament. 28 years for gosh sakes.

Its been since 1984 since we won a tournament game.

(Randy Randel) #22

Actually the 1992 team was better than 1990 but still we’re talking more than a quarter century!


Bracket Matrix bumping us up to the second highest 6 seed (as of midday, today).


Quit using that s___ line. :rage:

(David) #25

A few teams above us lost so if we take care of business tomorrow, we should move up a few spots.


Yes, need to finish strong:

2 Michigan St lost
3/5 Duke lost
6 Kansas lost
9 North Carolina lost twice
12 Texas Tech lost
13/14 Ohio St lost
14/15 Auburn lost
16/17 Rhode Island lost twice
18 Clemson lost
19/20 West Virginia lost
21 Nevada lost
23/24 Middle Tenn lost
23/25 Kentucky lost
24 Creighton lost

Several of those behind us in votes also lost this week:

Butler lost twice
NC State lost

Finally, we know either 10 Cincy or 11 Wichita St is going to lose today.

Other ranked teams playing today:

8 Purdue vs 13/15 Michigan