New CDC report 94% deaths underlying conditions

Let’s play ball! Reopen the Country


13,000 total deaths under the age of 55…thank God we shut the border when we did!

I think nursing homes are pretty cleaned out…

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This was posted an hour ago in another thread. Not sure that we need another thread on it.

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Yup now all we have to do is quarantine people with a underlying condition and the rest of us can go back normal. Easy


Yep, quarantine like half the country. Easy peasy.


People dont know how to interpret data. 122k of the “underlying conditions” are symptoms of COVID lol. Influenza/pnemonia and respiratory failure make up 76% of the 161k COVID deaths.

Another 20k deaths come from cardiac arrest…and this is because when your respiratory system is compromised, it can cause cardiac arrest. Same with any other respiratory disease…


Too complex for some to connect the dots


influenza is not a symptom of covid, it’s a completely separate disease.
pneumonia is a different respiratory condition from covid…as well

the data suggests an alternate approach to the blanket closures and restrictions could work…and that we should spend less time worried about college kids or more time worried about older americans…
keep the virtual office, lift general restrictions on events and dining but issue warnings to people with certain conditions, age groups etc…to stay secluded, masked and extremely hygienic until an effective vaccine arrives…
covid doesn’t treat everyone the same lawmakers shouldn’t either

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The data lumps Pneumonia with Influenza, but it’s likely that the majority of the counts involve pneumonia

Pneumonia is a symptom of COVID. Serious cases that require ventilators and often lead to death are those in which COVID Pneumonia occurs.

"Infection with SARS-CoV-2 begins when respiratory droplets containing the virus enter your upper respiratory tract. As the virus multiplies, the infection can progress to your lungs. When this happens, it’s possible to develop pneumonia.

But how does this actually happen? Typically, the oxygen you breathe into your lungs crosses into your bloodstream inside the alveoli, the small air sacs in your lungs. However, infection with SARS-CoV-2 can damage the alveoli and surrounding tissues.

Further, as your immune system fights the virus, inflammation can cause fluid and dead cells to build up in your lungs. These factors interfere with the transfer of oxygen, leading to symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath.

People with COVID-19 pneumonia can also go on to develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a progressive type of respiratory failure that occurs when the air sacs in the lungs fill up with fluid. This can make it hard to breathe.

Many people with ARDS need mechanical ventilation to help them breathe."

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This is excellent information to have. Great job by the CDC to capture this information and publish it. I figured it was going to be high due to the percentage of people that have died in the 80 and above age group versus the people that were infected compared in other age groups. But wow! That is a huge percentage.

It would be interesting to compare to other countries to see if we align. It was reported and speculated early on about the age and the many conditions of the Italians and their large numbers of deaths and the ages and characteristics of their deaths.

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Age and obesity, age and obesity.

Nursing home residents make up 1% of the population but 40% of the Covid deaths. We should have done a better job protecting nursing homes.

The rest, the vast majority are obese.

We were fat and old.

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Then they should be reporting which of those conditions were existing or as a condition of COVID. How it is written by the CDC comes across that it was a competing underlying condidtion and not as a result of COVID. Somewhere in-between is probably the right answer, but since they are pulling the information from death certificates which they claim is the best capture of death causes, probably isn’t ever going to get any better than how it is reported today.

The death rate of age 80 and up is incredibly high also.

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A death caused by covid induced pneumonia would count as a covid death…not an underlying condition …influenza and pneumonia category is clearly for folks with pneumonia previous to getting covid, probably from flu or cold which escalated …which is why it’s lumped together.

This is a few weeks old showing excess deaths. It’s pretty clear what’s happening here.

We are now at 200K excess deaths (it was closer to 170K when these charts were created so the trend continues) that started showing up in late March after 2 years without having any excess deaths.


The CDC is showing the proportion of COVID cases with contributing caused of death, so it isn’t a count of flu/pneumonia deaths alone.

What’s your point…The fact is 13,000 total deaths od which many not covid cause for 55 years of age and younger…33,000 for age 65 and under…don’t be so confused about simple facts

Simple fact is that what are being called “underlying conditions” does not mean conditions that would have led to deaths in a typical year. Again, these are “contributing conditions” that led to the demise of an individual that has COVID, and the vast majority of these are respiratory conditions that come from COVID itself.

Simple fact, as illustrated by the excess deaths charts, is that 200k excess deaths occurred in accordance to the timing of the spikes of COVID.

Going to add this here because it’s apparently needed.

This is a few weeks old showing excess deaths. It’s pretty clear what’s happening here.

We are now at 200K excess deaths (it was closer to 170K when these charts were created so the trend continues) that started showing up in late March after 2 years without having any excess deaths.

Would you agree that 13,000 under the age of 55 and 33,000 under the age of 65 total deaths no matter what condition the patient was is quite minimal compared to all the hype and hoopla…My point…this country was shut down too long and too much damage to the economy…over 33,000 die in car accidents alone in this country…not in 2020

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