New Coogfans Improvements

(itcoog) #1
  • Deep social media integration
  • Much better editor
  • Many more options on how to use the site
  • More detailed profiles
  • Fully mobile optimized
  • No pagination, just keep scrolling!
  • Community moderation to vote down trouble-makers
  • Much more flexibility for moderators to deal with trouble-makers instead of just only having option to ban
  • Able to respond to user feedback on look and feel
  • Email notifications if you want them
  • Ability to unpin topics you don’t want to see anymore
  • Easily embed Youtube, Images, Twitter, Soundcloud etc.
  • Select the part of the message you want to quote.

(itcoog) #2

(David) #3

Is there a suggestion box? On my Android mobile the menu dropdown needs to have Football, M Basketball, W Basketball, etc because I mostly see “Houston” for every message group. #ConstructiveFeedback

Go Coogs!

(itcoog) #4

Go to Site Feedback and we greatly appreciate it.

(Cary) #5

I want to post a gif. System reads it as an img. What is the coding difference?

(itcoog) #6

Not sure… Works here on my end?

(Cary) #7

It is not displaying as a gif. Your post is an image of “This is a Test” getting smaller and smaller written 5 times.


This site’s functionality is such an improvement over scout! Great work guys!

(Geno) #10

Actually, it is displaying as a .gif file, albeit static not animated if that was the poster’s intent, like so:

(Cary) #11

I just saw you have to use a gif download script from the supporting website.

(Troy) #12

Excited to see how the new page works

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #13

I just noticed the Academic Excellence forum. Thanks for adding that, it has some good stuff.


Is there a way to turn off video auto play when I open a thread? This seems to be a new feature.

(itcoog) #15

I dont know about the auto video play. When i go into a thread it doesnt do that for me.



(Mark Jacob) #17

I was using the iPhone app and have been shut out until I found a twit about Coog fans on website. What is the status of an updated iPhone app cuz it was much more convenient. Glad I found you again. Go Coogs!

(David) #18

Did something change today ? My mobile view is very different and not in a good way. Not sure if just my phone or your software

(itcoog) #19

They are always making upgrades but I have not seen any difference on my end. Can someone speak to this issue?