New DC on Houston’s Radar

(Ricardo Montano) #1


Thank you for sharing.

For me, yes to Deryuter and no to Cooks.

(Chris Vaughan) #3

He’s one guy who can shut down Holgorsen & Leach offenses.


I don’t know much about Deyruter. Can anyone fill me in on him?

What type of scheme, approach etc…

(William Ross) #5

It seems like we are going after them both. Cooks being Co-DC. Duarte said he is being looked at to be on the staff didn’t give the position like he did with DeRuyter.

(Ben) #6

Glad to see some flame from the smoke over the last week with DeRuyter. Big time hire if it gets done. All things point that it will! Don’t know much about Cooks except the fact he is a great recruiter .

(Jay C.) #7

If we somehow got both of those guys, my lord. DeRuyter is an ace defensive playcaller, and Cooks has very few peers when it comes to recruiting the DFW area. That would be an absolute coup.


My concern when looking at Deruyter’s record at Fresno St as HC was he was a winner in first 2 years (20-6 in 2012-2013) but was abysmal in the last 3 (10-24 in 2014-2016) which led to his firing after 8 games in 2016. The concern is the appearance of his inability to recruit with such a drop off in performance. While stats aren’t always the telling story, it does make you wonder why the decline.

(Cary) #9

Could be a situation where he is a good coordinator, but struggles as a head coach.



(Cary) #11

Exactly what I was thinking.

(Chris Vaughan) #12

He is a 3-4 style coach. Both he and his wife are very nice people. He was interim coach for Texas A&M for the Texas Bowl prior to Sumlin’s arrival.

(Cary) #13

He had been in Texas most of his career before Fresno, correct?

(Randy ) #14

No, just the 2 years at A&M.


Pretty sure he was the DC at Air Force when they destroyed us in the Armed Forces Bowl.

(JohnnyCougar) #16

I’m suddenly getting the feeling we might need fewer upsets to avoid 8-4 :blush:


Deruyter is a great DC, this would be a steal.


Get him and pay him quickly!


He was the DC at Air Force when they intercepted case 6 times in the armed forces bowl.

(Jerrycoog) #20

That Air Force defense had our number in that game.