New DC on Houston’s Radar

(srassen7) #21

Would be a HUGE get.

Didn’t really work out as a head coach, but we’re not hiring him to be a head coach. He’s only had 2 defenses (2005 Nevada, 2017 Cal) that standard/advanced metrics would say aren’t above average and one those defenses (2017 Cal) improved by 14 pts/game over the previous year.

His Cal defense this year dragged that team to bowl eligibility.

(Paul Marlow) #22

He shut down our offense in the bowl game against Air Force. Coached at TAMU. The players he recruited, defense especially, beat us in a bowl game against Fresno. Solid hire if true. Looks like we are putting some guys who can recruit on his staff, too.


Tim DeRuyter’s Cal Defense ranked 9th in S&P+ analytics.

That’s stout.

(sarkcoog) #24

So here is the staff as we are looking at rumors.

Holgerson - HC
Dawson - QB / OC
Carrier - WR / OC
Blackwell – RB
Jones – Offensive Line

DeRuyter - DC
Cooks - ???
Belk - CB
Gideon - Safety / Special Team


I’m thinking the DC target is Kerry Cooks. If you look at his record he’s been a co- or asst DC at ND and OK if Belk is truly coming on board as DB coach. Cooks bio indicates a solid pass defense which is imperative against today’s offenses.

(Dustin K) #26

So, if we end up keeping Clements, where does CDH slot him on the staff?

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Gotta update that list. Looks like a couple that you were listing as possible linear moves were actually getting promotions.

(Paul Marlow) #30

Outside of the DC and strength coach, I am very interested in hearing about the offensive and defensive line coaches.


Jones is likely OL Coach.
DeRuyter sounding likely for DC.

(sarkcoog) #32

I don’t have any inside knowledge. Was just summarizing what it looks like may happen.

Or maybe I do, and I just trying to confuse ya’ll. :sunglasses:

(Munzell Milluns) #33

Well, if it’s Deruyter then DH has been given the green light to build a champion. I don’t follow Cal but I do remember the Air Force Deyruter being a name that lived in infamy during the holidays.

(Jimmy Morris) #34

your guess was as good as mind. nothing wrong with assuming linear hires until told otherwise.

(Jimmy Morris) #35


Welp, it’s not Kerry Cooks.

I’m hoping that means Deruyter.

(Trent) #37

DeRuyter also shut down the Washington Huskies in a 12-10 win in Berkeley, held BYU to 18 and Wazzu to 19. Somewhat inconsistent, a couple of games got away from them, but those are some hefty data points.

(Dave) #38

Yes to DeRuyter …

Nein to Cooks … but he appears gone to the zorro wannabe’s anyway

After WVa lost to OU 59 - 56 in OT on a frozen Thanksgiving weekend … Cooks must have been doing a Joe Montana and having hot chicken soup in the locker room … Joe showed up the 2nd half however the OU secondary was so porous ole Cooks apparently didn’t … but the sooners didn’t need him after all


Glad the Sand Aggies hired Cooks if it means we get DeRuyter.

(Matt Jackson) #40

Cal is notoriously cheap when it comes to coaching salaries. DeRuyter did not have to be compensated much his 1st couple years because of his Fresno buyout. His salary at Cal was not scheduled to be much more than 500K. It wouldn’t take much to bump over that number. Shoot UH paid that YMCA coordinator 450.