New Director of Sports Performance - Alan Bishop


Very impressive!

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I pointed out to some friends how this young man has muscled up since the beginning of the season. Very impressive.

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I sure wish I had Coach Bishop around when I was a scrawny beanpole in high school. :slight_smile:

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Did the increased power lifting mess with Rob’s shot making ability? Ligit question.

(Patrick) #48

It’s possible.

May just be a mental thing right now. Seems like he gets too unselfish at times and settles for longer shots early in the game. He’s best going to the hoop and then finding his shot later.

(Brad) #49

Teams are dialing in on Rob. You saw last night, when SMU adjusted for Davis and Brooks, Rob was able to create more.


I’ve had the same thought. A rapid change in strength and muscle mass could definitely affect mechanics and touch, especially for perimeter shooters. With time and reps, he’ll find it.

(Brad) #51

Hasn’t seemed to bother Brooks or Davis.


As you know, everyone is different.

I’m sure the overall team dynamic has contributed -lots of other scorers on the team, and Rob knows he doesn’t have to do it all. That’s a big adjustment.

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I was 5’11” and 135. I was desperate for someone like Coach Bishop.

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