New kickoff rule - and it's going to change the game

(PortlandCoog) #1

I understand the player safety concerns, but why not just get rid of the kickoff and start everybody on the 25 yard line then? Don’t like this at all.

“Under the proposal, a successful fair catch made inside the receiving team’s own 25-yard line would result in a touchback and the ball would be placed at the 25”

(Luke P) #2

The only reason I can see is that if you eliminate the kickoff altogether and start at the 25, then you don’t have the opportunity for onside kicks anymore, which in my opinion are integral to the game.


Don’t like this at all. A fair catch inside the 25 should be at the spot of the catch just like on punts. I have seen very few kickoffs that have a defender in the receiver’s face, that happens on punts.

(Bryant Hargrave) #4

Super weak rule change. Makes kickoffs completely meaningless. Outside of the onside kick as mentioned.


My thought exactly

(PMM) #6

Receiving team can still run the ball back. I think this will have little effect on the game !!

(Mark) #7

I think that’s the way the game’s going. Maybe another 5 years.

(Mike Higdon) #8

I really don’t ever remember a team making a fair catch inside the 25 on a kick-off.


Me either, but the creates an incentive to do so.

(Patrick) #10

Not really sure how I feel about the kickoff rule. I know it was done for safety reasons though as supposedly the NFL did a study and determined that kickoffs were one of the biggest sources of injury in the game.

Couple of other rules passed as well:

Blocks below the waist

The panel approved a package of rules with the goal of making it easier for players, coaches and officials to understand, execute and coach blocking below the waist.

The most noticeable change pertains to offensive blocks: The offense will not be allowed to block below the waist when the block occurs more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Additionally, other than the interior linemen, all blocks below the waist must be from the front.

Pace of play

The panel approved two proposals that further its efforts to keep the game moving. After a touchdown, the play clock will be set at 40 seconds to expedite the extra point or two-point conversion attempt. Additionally, following a kickoff, the play clock will be set to 40 seconds to restart play more quickly.

Other significant rules changes

The addition of a 10-second runoff was approved when instant replay overturns the ruling on the field inside of one minute in either half, and the correct ruling would not have stopped the game clock.

The panel approved the continuation of an experimental collaborative decision-making model for instant replay that is not limited to the press box in the stadium. For example, officials involved in the replay process could be located in a conference office.

Leaping rules on field goals and extra points were adjusted to mirror similar rules regarding leaping the shield on punting plays. It is illegal to leap over the frame of the body of an opponent.

On successful field goals, penalty enforcement will be the same as on made extra points. Namely, all personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct fouls by the defending team will have the option to be enforced on the ensuing kickoff.

(Ben B) #11

It would be better if it went to the next 10 yard line. So if you fair caught it at the 1 it would be at the 10. Do it at the 13 it would be at the 20.


The point of the rule is to encourage more fair catches, obviously. We see enough kids injured. If this stops one serious injury to our team each year, it is a good rule. You’ll still see returns, especially when a team is behind late in the game.


While it doesn’t impact cut blocks inside the tackle box Navy would still cut DBs downfield. This at least goes away.

(G.W.) #14

Just switch it to flag football already…


Change the game? Really? How many fair catches on kickoffs do you see inside the 25?


None because there is no reward for fair catches under the current rules. Now there will be great reward for calling for a fair catch between the 1 and 15 yard lines.


That had been the sweet spot for the kicker to put it in. Now instead of forcing a return, the returning team can just fair catch it. Overall just seems like a lame rule change that rewards a team yards they don’t deserve.

(PortlandCoog) #18

You can’t eliminate all risk from this game! I COMPLETELY agree with the concussion protocol now and the new techniques of “Heads-up” they are teaching at the sandlot level all the way up now.

But you can’t eliminate all risk from most things in life. Driving is more dangerous than football. Showering is more dangerous than football.

NO one wants anyone hurt, and I DO believe it should be a constant vigil to see how to make the game safer. But something like this, it’s too much IMHO. Now just catch it and you have 75 yards to go guaranteed.

Im a middle-aged dude who plays rec league basketball. And I get injured sometimes. I could not play and avoid the injuries, but what’s the fun in that?

(PortlandCoog) #19

Also what are the stats on injuries I wonder. Seems anecdotally it’s linemen who get the most injured during regular play.

(Patrick) #20

Ivy League did a study and found that 23.4% of concussions in football happen on kickoffs, which only make up 5.8% of plays