New MacGregor HEB

The new HEB on 288 @ MacGregor opened this week. I went the first night it was open, nearly every space in the parking lot was filled. What a great addition to the area. I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than the Montrose HEB, and has all the same bells and whistles.

They closed the old HEB Pantry on Scott @ OST on the same day the new HEB opened. I thought maybe they would be bringing a lot of that old inventory over to the new store, but that’s not the case at all. It’s nice to have a store where we can get something better than the basics.

The store is first class, and that’s not something we’re used to in the neighborhood.


Nice. I used to shop at the HEB on OST & Scott. Do they occupy the entire lot on the corner? Looks like there might be room for more development.

It’s nice to see so much change going on over there.

The new HEB is the NE corner of MacGregor and SH 288. I forget whose family used to own the lot, was it the Weingartens? Anyhow, HEB occupies the entire tract, no room for additional development. It’s a 90,000 sf store, three times the size of the OST/Scott HEB. A big chunk of the tract was set aside for a detention/floodplain mitigation basin (about half the tract was in the floodplain).

Anyhow, I almost never shopped at that old OST/Scott HEB. Probably less than 10 times in the last 16 years I’ve lived in the neighborhood. I never cared for it. We went across the freeway to the Kroger at OST/Cambridge until it was shut down and demolished a few years ago. After it closed we tried the Kroger at Kirby & S. Main but seems like Kroger has just given up on stores inside the Loop.

Over the last few years there was a new Pyburn’s built a few blocks away from us on Scott, and an ALDI on OST. We shopped both of those, with the occasional trip to the Montrose HEB when we wanted something nicer. Pyburns and ALDI are both small and stock the basics. Pyburns has a great butcher counter (great selections of boudin and smoked sausage) and ALDI has some good stuff but you got to get it while it’s there because it probably won’t be there the next time you go.

Glad to have the new HEB, but it took a bite out of my wallet…to the tune of about $300 the first week they were open. :money_mouth_face: