New Mascot Costumes

(Dustin K) #1

So, those of you that saw the new mascot costumes tonight. What did you think?


Ugly…go back to originals! No need to change something not broken…


Need a real Shasta!!

(Jerrycoog) #4

Is it me or do they look like wolves now ?

(Cougarpad) #5

UH needs to ask for their money back. Did they even look at a picture of an actual Cougar? The head looks deformed and the feet are twice the size of the body. Shasta has a club foot. He might need some glasses because it looks like he is squinting lol.

(Dustin K) #6

I don’t think what they had before was the originals, it has changed over the years. First thing I noticed is Shasta didn’t have the eye shadow look he used to have.

(Nathan) #7

They can’t move around like they used to because the feet are so big. Go back to the sneakers.


Not “the originals”… But during my Coog era…

(WRB) #9

Told my wife the same thing. Looks more like a wolf than a cougar.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #10

Good luck doing push-ups in the Fall with those feet

(Cougarpad) #11

Hopefully, they are able to make an adjustment on the uniform to the feet.

(Katie) #12

They are an odd dog and bear combo. And the feet are ridiculous. I hate them. It was a change that didn’t need to be made.

(Patrick) #13

The crowd went mild whe they were introduced.

Hope they change them…too doggish looking and they can barely move around as they were slipping on the court surface due to the feet. Very jarring to see them after just seeing them in the old duds Wednedsday night.


Eh… Mascots are for children. They look kid friendly.

(Ryon Adams) #15

The new heads look like Godzilla.


They are awful…simply awful.

The crowd reaction was hilarious…it was like “Yay…oh…ugh.”

For you old school wrestling fans, the new Shasta/Sasha debut reminded me of the Shockmaster’s debut in WCW:

The new costumes need to be thrown out just like that terrible pregame football chant that was tried for two or three games.

(Jason Lee) #18

I saw these a few weeks ago as a sneak peek for former Mascots. We all liked them. You guys are being silly. Who cares? Must be the mouth open that is bugging you. These look more like a Cougar than anything I wore. I was in the era of the Cougar that looked like a mouse (90).

(Cristian) #19

I dont mind the new ones the older ones looked like a boa head. This mascot is more inline with the tattoos they give to kids or the logo for the kids club. Plus they look a little meaner. I dont think theyll change them back seeing as how those suits cost in the thousands.


In the $1,000s!!!..what a waste of cash…

(Munzell Milluns) #21

They won’t change them back because Marketing departments never admit mistakes. Ex: we’re a big pride of mountain lions.