New Mascot Costumes


Just curious, but were people complaining about the old ones or was it just time for a change?


I thought we had one of the coolest mascots in the nation, before this unveiling…I didn’t like the pics of new mascot I saw tonight.

(Cristian) #24

I think time for a change. If you’re opening up a new arena you need new things. Granted the old costumes were classic but, it might have smelled bad or been uncomfortable for the person wearing it. I think after a few years its only logical. Logos change, costumes change, stadiums change. Change is good lets embrace it, miss the old ones and accept the new ones.


I get what you are saying, but we didn’t do that for the opening of TDECU, which was brand new. Sometimes we should change certain things, and that was not one of them…

(norb) #26

I’m just glad Oregon didn’t bring their mascot to teabag our new mascot.

(VancouverCOOG) #27

They looked like different type of wild cats; not like cougars!

(J V ) #28

Uh, yeah…about those new costumes. I hope they kept the receipts. Hard pass.

(Munzell Milluns) #29

150 million was just spent on new sporting complexes and we’d get rid of traditional mascot uniforms because they smell bad?


Hump that CMCoog17! You must’ve liked the new Disney Star Wars. Forget that flaming pile of crap! As Micheal Jordan once said, “change is good… if it’s always Hanes.”

Haha :wink:

(Randy ) #31


(Patrick) #32

After a night’s sleep, they aren’t that bad. Need to fix the feet though


They would have deserved it with the new bear/dog combo costumes.

But whatever, I’m not going to start a riot or petition about it.

(Gerald) #34

Not a fan…


This is how I feel about it. I think they look so drastically different from the previous ones that we were just shocked at first but I think we will eventually get used to them. The feet definitely need to be tweaked.

(Jimmy Morris) #36


Seeing this picture I feel like I’m getting a “no one is a loser” and “everyone gets a trophy” non competitive vibe.


Thumbs down.

(Cougarpad) #38

If they just would fix the massive feet. They look like flippers. I don’t see how they can do anything athletic in those costumes.

(Munzell Milluns) #39

Pez is a bright guy. Someone should email him and ask him. I would but my email was blocked after Levine’s first game.


I think the costumes just came in as a shock to everyone since nobody was expecting the change. These new costume seem to be more to par with professional ones as Shasta and Sasha now have actual claws and feet. Before it was just football gloves and tennis shoes. Overall I think our mascots were taken to a new level and that’s why the change was made. I’m currently a student and when I saw Shasta for the first time I thought the costume could have been improved so I’m glad they made the change to compete with the mascots from other famous programs.

(Trent) #41

I’m pretty sure this was a project led by one of our former Sasha’s from roughly 10 years ago who has remained involved with the mascots. I helped out with them back in 2009 and even filled in a couple of times, and those things were already several years old and rough back then. They smelled strongly like dryer sheets because that’s about the only thing you could put on them that is stronger than the sweat smell, other than cat pee maybe would be. The padding that made up the muscles was ratty and hard to put on or keep in the right place, you could barely see out of it, and they switched to tennis shoes and WR gloves because the costume pieces were falling apart at the seams even when I was around. It’s been well past time to replace those things.