New Mascot Costumes

(Katie) #42

Replacing them is fine, but why such a drastic change? Why are the feet so large?


I think their big feet makes them look more like mascots than anything. If you look at clutch and Orbit, both have big plushy tennis shoes that look like part of the costume. And I’m sure the students wearing the costumes will get used to walking with the bigger feet. Plus our marketing director used to be clutch so I’m sure he had some influence in the new costume decision.


When it comes down to it, do young kids like them. They are the targets we want to attract attention towards our school. If they like them and have a good time, it might go a long way to attracting the next Drexler, Oliver or Khator.



(Munzell Milluns) #46

Its a subliminal message about CMA = “da-feet”

(Terence Greene) #47

A Clubfoot Cougar! Yeah, Ol’ Shasta got short changed on his makeover! Lmao!

(Ben) #48

The dog must have been a Shar Pei

(Timothy Q. Chan) #49

I think they’re fine. In my list of priorities the mascots are right behind aisle seat cup holders.

(Robert) #50



Having been used for several years, I suspect the old ones were wearing out and it was time to replace them.

(jb) #52

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. Still better than BYU and Washington State.

(Tom Green) #53

I’m hearing #3 complaint that will be coming soon after Lamar game will be the scuff marks on the floor of the corridor. Solution: Please wear soft sole shoes only in future! :joy::joy:


Should have retired both and kept them in a UH ball of Mascots…

(Timothy Q. Chan) #55

And it’s a looooong ways from Stanford’s psychedelic tree, or Wichita State’s “angry wheat” mascot.

And I can’t even go into detail about Rhode Island School of Design’s mascot. However, you can probably guess from their athletic teams’ names (and no, I’m not making this up):

  • Basketball: The Balls (motto: “when the heat is on, the Balls stick together!”)
  • Fencing team: The Pricks
  • Coed Football: The Sacks
  • Hockey: The Nads (“Go Nads!”)

(Jason) #56

Okay…this was NOT what they looked like to me. These are actually okay, but not what I remember from Saturday. But my thoughts from Saturday are that I didn’t care for the new ones as much.


Liked the old ones because they seemed more unique. These seem generic.


I am getting a lion king vibe from them…


Love when Shasta dances with the Cougar Dolls. Whatever feet are attached, need to be able to accommodate those moves. Or maybe they can swap for tennis shoes when necessary.


No matter what you think of the costume, the students that wear it are awesome. My wife had Sasha and Shasta come to a fairly large school event a couple of years ago and they were fantastic with the kids. No matter how they are attired, they are great ambassadors for The University of Houston.

(Mark Jacob) #62

If they were worn out and smelly then create new ones with a few new tweeks. The previous changes over the years were incremental and improvements (sneakers & gloves replaced feet & paws) made them more athletic & able to join the cheerleaders routines. They are unique to UH.
These recent outfit is stilted, generic, clumsy, and not remotely similiar to the previous outfit.