New Mascot Costumes

(Chris) #63

Reading your comments (not you Robert) I expected something like this

Thank got that was not the case. I must admit that the following is pretty sharp.

At 52% off maybe we could start a mascot fundraising.
At least we do not not to endure this

that one

(Jason Lee) #64

This is what the costume looked like when I was mascot. I loved it, but it looks like a mouse. The new design was shepherded by a former mascot, and I got to see it a week or so before y’all. Pretty much all the former mascots like it. It’s not like no thought was put into it. So many childish, petty comments in here. It’s for kids for the most part, and it’s looks like a damn cougar. This fan base pisses me off a lot sometimes.

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(Terence Greene) #66

Lmao!!! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Jimmy Morris) #67

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(Dan) #69

What do you mean costumes? Shasta isn’t real???

(Timothy Q. Chan) #70

Like a disappointed and stoned mouse. Like someone just told him there’s no more Fruity Pebbles left.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #71

Too bad we’re not the Houston PowerLeopard PantherCat Cougars!


Why was the change necessary is why most are sounding off???!

(Cristian) #73

(Cougarpad) #74

Lol. well, I see me and my dads head in Duartes shot lol. The new costumes are growing on me. If they could just make those ridiculous feet smaller, then I think the new costumes are ok.

(Mark Jacob) #75

I’ve seen them twice now. They aren’t growing on me.