New Miami OC

(gpropes) #1

Is Dan Enos, who was expected to be promoted to OC at Alabama after Mike Locksley left for Maryland.

In related news, I’d be stunned if Jalen Hurts didn’t land at Miami.


Pete Thamel is a hack

(Cristian) #3

Dont give that dude (Thamel) any credit here. Hes a douche bag.


What happened to Major

(Munzell Milluns) #5

Maybe Major will be kicking game coach.

(Ben) #6

I’d expect Hurts to follow him there.

(PMM) #7

So, Saban loses more co-ordinators and will still be in the NC game next year.

Maybe it is not the co-ordinators :sunglasses:.


You should ask Pete, you know he has his sources and all, or jackattack dude

(Cary) #9

That is funny.


Herman’s bringing him to Austin be the jacket coach

(Munzell Milluns) #11

I think the head coach makes the coordinator the same way the clothes make the man. If the HC is weak ultimately it weakens the coordinator, rather than the coordinator determining the success of the coach.


Easiest job ever. Fair catch all kickoffs and punts.


Take off your jackets and shut it down before the bowl game.


Applewhite will be taking a break and coaching the Baton Rouge Boys & Girls Club team.


Truly funny and yet says so much about Applewhite’s incompetence as a head coach


Meanwhile at Kendall Boys & Girls Club, I’m back…