New Mobile Ticketing for All UH Ticketed Sporting Events

Received this email below today. I think it is a great idea. I am sure all of the season ticket holders in here also received.

For increased safety and convenience for our fans, we are implementing a new mobile ticketing solution for all ticketed sports beginning this fall. Mobile ticketing eliminates the physical-touch concerns we now face and reduces issues related to paper tickets. With mobile delivery of tickets, fans will enjoy various benefits including:

• No paper tickets! Simply add to your digital wallet and have phone scanned at the entrance
• Securely manage and transfer directly from your smartphone
• Can’t make it to the game? Resell your tickets on StubHub from your smartphone
• Prevent ticket shipping delays and chance of getting lost in the mail
More information regarding parking and other gameday essentials will be available soon.


Contactless ticket. Sounds like the future is here, plus it saves the trees.:smiley:

This is nothing new to UH but I’m sure everyone who wants paper tickets is going to freak.


If one person buys the tickets for others, can the “ticket” be sent others cell phones ??


Will UH be issuing smart phones to those that do not have or cannot afford them :sunglasses:?


Two good questions EE. It sounds like we will be loading each individual game ticket if the ticket office is saying we can resell on StubHub. As you asked does this mean we can send to another smart phone? I understand season tickets, but how are they going to distribute single game tickets? What about game day ticket sales (if any) at the ticket office? Are they going to require the walk up sales be loaded to a smart phone? I am OK with the Mobile Ticket concept, but what is the difference between scanning your phone or scanning a paper ticket? Still in close contact with the person doing the scanning. How will they handle student tickets?


I’m betting you will still be able to download the ticket as a pdf like you can today.

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What about them emailing tics which is what they have done in the past for bb single games then they scan the bar code

I feel sure that they have most issues worked out. I was more wondering if you can transfer between smart phones…maybe like the PDF you mentioned.

The idea is past due IMHO.

I know some people who go to all the games and do not have smart phones…of course, I am old as they are !! AND…NO, I am not talking about me !!

According to what I read online, tickets in your iPhone wallet, can be transferred to another iPhone via Air Drop !! Guess you need to make sure no one else is close by to hijack the ticket !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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20 bucks says the ticket office still messes his up somehow and I end up getting paper tickets for half my tickets…


Personal experience since I don’t use my paper tickets to preserve or just because of the inconvenience. You can transfer tickets to your virtual wallet and or another personal email. You can also send them or whoever a screenshot of the barcode or QR code and they can scan at the door. You can also request different games sent to your phone thru your account. You can also post tickets on StubHub easy. The one thing it ask is the price you want to list them at. Other than that. I prefer them better than carrying a paper ticket that I can lose, bend, rip or fade in my pocket.


So, when are they going to do this so we can load our phones?

Instead of waiting for woman fumbling in their purse for paper tickets, we will have to wait for boomers fumbling with their phones for their e-ticket.

You will not find a more sexist or ageist sentence anywhere. :slight_smile:


How about a female boomer fumbling in her purse for her phone? LOL.

But seriously, why not ask Bill Gates to add some programming to the vaccine ID chip implant he’s developing so when we buy a ticket for ANYTHING, it downloads to the chip, via satellite wi-fi or something and then the “ticket-takers” at the venue just scan our head, or wherever the chip is located and voila, we’re in!

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Hey! This boomer will go toe-to-toe with you any day with a virtual wallet.

Now my girlfriend tho…:joy::joy:

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Maybe you whippersanppers should look at this.

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And they will automatically know we are immune !!!

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Well shit. Can’t attend games this year because I actually don’t use a smartphone. And I just went for Young Alumni purchase too! (:

No kidding here. Switched away from smartphone in March of 2017. Been three years disconnected. It’s a blessing and a curse, but the more and more forced mobile use is in place for academics/daily life, the more frustrating it is. There was no need for mobile tickets. Just hold the paper ticket stretched out so they can scan it.

They tried to force this on Student Tickets last year and I called ticketing right away. I gave them my account number so they knew I was at every game AND me + my student org were setting up the newspapers + trash can person for the basketball games. Suddenly paper tickets were back given that our org makes up almost 10% of the student courtside area, and more than 50% if every member of our org attended the game and stood with us at once.

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Those of you that travel are familiar with CLEAR. It’s a facial recognition kiosk that allows travelers to bypass traditional security lines at the airport. By the time you reach the kiosk, it knows who you are and verifies you for entry. HERTZ uses it too and you can simply jump in and drive off without waiting in line or speaking to anyone.

CLEAR is also installed in some major stadiums across the country. I believe in 2020, there will be kiosks at Minute Maid and I heard they are reaching agreement with NFL. In essence, your face is your own ticket. Also, these stadiums have CLEAR beer vending machines that allows you to walk up, it validates you, and you get a beer from the machine. It’ll handle payment too.

Opening a CLEAR account is free, but not for air travel. I think it’s something like $180.00/year for that. For frequent fliers, it’s worth it and they have an amazing satisfaction rate.

It’s pretty neat technology. Just think if they had CLEAR beer vending machines in the upper decks of TDECU. :slight_smile: Now if they had pisser funnels that empty into the restrooms below, that would be the complete bomb.

I’m not sure how handing off a ticket to someone else would work.


While I am a UH season ticket holder I went to the University of Iowa. I went to two games in Iowa City last season. They had the mobile ticketing option which I took. Pretty painless.


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