New NCAA rules regarding agents and draft status

Here’s how it might actually work

This means that if the FBI finds that a school like Arizona broke rules, they can be punished by the NCAA without the NCAA doing its own investigation.

The NCAA is also trying to get subpoena power in these matters:

The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, the NCAA’s Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors did address agents and the draft. They said that once the NBA and NBA player’s association ditch the league’s age limit—which will happen in a few years—that players identified as elite senior prospects by USA Basketball will be allowed to have agent representation. Within hours, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a Woj Bomb on this prong of the plan when he reported that sources within USA Basketball neither sought out nor agreed to accept this evaluation duty. And yes, certain underclassmen who go undrafted would be allowed to return to school. They must be invited to the combine and then go undrafted. Spoiler alert: Underclassmen invited to the combine rarely go undrafted.

The NCAA forcing USA basketball to decide who is/isn’t an “elite prospect” worthy of agent representation is…something.


Really telling when USA basketball has to come out after the fact and deny knowing about it. Nice Buck passing there.

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“I’m not being critical of what was done,” he added. “I’m being somewhat critical of the coordination and the implementation, the process of getting there and the process of making it happen. Who is doing that?”

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