New Off-Campus Student Housing in the works

Although the project isn’t finalized, some think it may be located on Scott between Tuam and Drew street. Being built for 242 units, I estimate it will have at least 500 beds. It sounds like it will be more affordable student housing.

Scott Residence

Lower project costs that result in lower rents can be a boon to communities during difficult times.

CIVE, for example, is working with Global Student Housing LLC on the 242-unit University of Houston student housing project, which has been praised by city of Houston officials, according to Domloj.

“This is a privately owned project of a client and we’re working with them to keep biased interests out of the picture,” Domloj said. “We performed a lot of value engineering to deliver the project at a certain amount and, in return, the client committed to be at 70% of the rent that competitors are charging to pass on the benefits to the students. As construction prices keep going up and the pandemic affects the economy, it’s harder for people to afford rent. That makes value engineering a benefit to communities that want to have affordable places for people to live.”

It’s an empty lot now right on the rail line. Looks like a great location. The more good housing close to campus the better for our university and the neighborhood. If we keep growing as a university the sooner we gentrify the 3rd ward.


So this is a new student housing in addition to what we have. Great news in that we’re approaching 13k of total housing on campus and surrounding the campus.

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Yes, but they are still working on the details.

Very interesting, and hope it gets done. I haven’t been back to campus in several years, but next time I’m back in Houston I’d like to take the time to visit the campus and take my time doing it.

Walk around and check out all the new dorms, the new UC, the medical school, the athletic facilities and all the other new upgrades Khator has helped create. It will be like I’m visiting a school I’ve never been to before, in a good way.

Well, at least good old Melcher Hall, the basement that was the Honors College and the old Quad are still there … well at least Melcher is still there anyway.

Keep growing, UH!

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Don’t forget to visit the new, fancy law school building once it is completed!

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