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For those of you who went, how was the Red Zone experience???

my gf and i went to it…not worth the 10 dollars imo. i got 2 free tickets for the arizona game but its not worth it unless you want to sit down before the game starts.

What I was expecting was an Octoberfest like set up where you could pay $10 - $15 and get a plate of food and drink with alcohol being extra. The reality was that I felt like I was viewed as a giant wallet that needed to be emptied. Glad I had the free tickets to try it and I doubt if I will be back.


Same. That said, if I knew ahead of time that I’d have time to kill before the game I’d consider bringing my son (5 yrs old) to play the games and such.
With no kids in tow I’m much happier to hit the Alumni tailgate


I got a couple free tickets to go to the Red Zone and I thought the description in the email said there would be refreshments included in the ticket. However that is not the case.

The 10 bucks gets you in the practice facility and in the AC which is nice - but all you have access to is some interactive games and some seats and tables. Unless you were invited by Renu to her pre-game section, you have to buy your own food.

I’ll pass.

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The ac and shade are nice. The games are good for passing the time but other than that you just walk around. It’s not like the Oregon one where it looks crowded which would be bad. It’s very family friendly and the staff were inviting. I think we’ll stick with tailgating outside. I’d only do it again if they change something like add a buffet thing or some other attraction. But it wasn’t bad hopefully it gets better thought. Worth the 10? To me not yet.

Doesn’t look “sold out”. My kids want the bouncy houses, so we stayed away. As far as that goes there were significantly less bouncy house options this year. But they were well managed with students making sure they weren’t overcrowded or too much rough play. Biggest gripe was the mosquitoes. Never experienced skeeters at a tailgate at UH. I’ll bring bug spray next time.

Decent setup, however food and drinks cost extra $ on top of the entrance fee. At $10 a pop- no thanks. I’d rather not pay to watch other people eat a buffet (presidents VIP club) and then have to pay extra $ for minimal options on the “commoner side”. Tailgating where the food is cheaper and plentiful is a more appealing option. I would only consider it again if heavy rain was in the forecast or another 11am scorcher or if the ticket was free.

I think a better setup would be $5 to get in the door and $15 for access to a buffet.

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We were there. There were things to do to pass the time. Cornhole, Jenga, Virtual Reality, few games for the kids. I only remember seeing one mixed drink, a bloody mary. Food was pricey IMO. $6 for a breakfast taco. It was early in the morning, but food choices were very very limited and so were the drinks. I agree with everyone, certainly not worth the $10 to get in. The AC was cranked up though, and it was nice to watch college gameday on the big screen. But we got the free tickets to the event, but probably won’t go again.

Nothing to add to the other comments – they are spot on. It was a one-time event for me as well. I read between the lines and guessed the food was not included so I was not surprised by that – only that they figure Coogs will spring $10 for standing in the A/C to watch TV and play some games. I would rather go to Pink’s on campus before the game and spend my $20 there to get pizza, A/C and football. They will quickly realize that most Coogs want more bang for their buck than the Red Zone offers. Props to them for trying though.

It was fun for me and my wife. I almost made a field goal! I agree that the food is too expensive and we weren’t hungry anyway. It didn’t get crowded because people were coming and going so there were never 2,000 people in there at one time. At about 9:30 some of the band came in and tried to fire us up. Some folks, like me, were into that others just kind of stood there.

I won’t pay $10 to do it again. I like the buffet idea someone mentioned.

Thanks y’all,
Well it is the first time they have done something like this, hopefully they keep on trying to make it better.

A couple of ideas

  1. It would be nice if they made the area BYOB and food, It can attract the garage parking crowd who do not really have an area to tailgate.
  2. Have themes depending on teams and dates, Octoberfest, Halloween, Hispanic Heritage, Military appreciation Nov 11th,

Just a thought,


Wife and I attended and we missed the free tickets by not clicking email invite quick enough (my bad). So we bought the $10 tickets and to us only worth it to be able to see the IPF. The $10 is basically a cover charge to buy expensive food and drink. Probably will not spring for the $10 each in the future unless there are changes to food and drink options.

Agree w/ most of these critiques, but want to add the Bloody Mary Bars were awesome! Nice!

MJ - What did a Bloody Mary set you back? We bought water for $3 each.

A buddy and I used the free tickets. I’m really not much into scenes like this, so I won’t be going back. I will say the air conditioning was really nice after walking about a 1/2 mile to get there. The band was so loud in there that my buddy and I were yelling at each other just to have a conversation. But maybe others enjoyed it.

As for other new features on game day, the new chant needs to be shortened. It’s too long and cumbersome. I would be fine limiting it to “This is our house. This is our city.” If you have to have the part about the cage, change “You are now in the cage” to “Welcome to the cage.”

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It was $10-12. A fellow Coog fan bought them for me cuz I bought the tix. I liked it. :sunglasses::+1:


I liked the idea JD retweeted last week from someone which was just to have the person selected to lead a “Whose House” chant.


Yep, that would be even better. Already solidly in place and very easy to stay on rhythm.

meh. Stayed 10 minutes…big yawn.

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