New roster up for the Spring


Any word on whether Deontay Anderson will get his waiver and be able to play in 2018?

(Sam) #22

Yeah, Small, J Smith, Taylor, and Phenix give us four freshmen and sophomore CBs. Position that concerns me down the road, specifically 2020, is offensive line. We need Bardwell, Murphy, and the three we signed last month to step up, plus we’ll need to add a juco or two. Maybe Dixie will return.


I hope so. Obviously it all comes down to if he lives up to his potential, but if he does he should be a huge asset.


Sad to see Dixie and Rosette no longer with the team. Both of those guys were early adopters and the biggest cheerleaders for the program even before Big Ed committed. I hope if it’s a grade issue they can make their way back on the team.

(Shawn) #25

Not being a smart@$$, serious question: Does the UH football program have someone in-house that can identify when a young man is struggling in the classroom? If so, did someone try to help Dixie Wooten? Tutoring and counseling to help the young man transition from the high school classroom to the university classroom? I’m not suggesting that someone do his class work for him. I’m asking if there were resources available to help a young man in the classroom. I get it. Some kids do not transition well and that is on them. Just asking about resources to help our young men inside the classroom. Thanks. Peace.

(Patrick) #26

There are 10 people assigned to the athletic department (and more students that are volunteers) for academic purposes. I don’t know the exact breakdown, but there are multiple people assigned just to the football team to help tutor and basically keep track of where the athletes are at grade-wise.

Unfortunately, some kids don’t test well and/or aren’t interested in doing the work. It happens and why many D1 caliber athletes have to go to JUCO.

(Jimmy Morris) #27

I can’t remember a time when offensive line depth was not a concern. Maybe instead of having separate CB and S coaches, we can have interior offensive line and OT coaches.


Agreed. Since we are (should be, but weren’t this year) an attacking 3-4 our safeties are sometimes outside linebackers and nickles. Let them combine the meetings and get two OL coaches.


Busy job hunting, no time to pay attention to the needs of the team.

(sarkcoog) #30

Rather have separate coaches for the cornerbacks and safeties. We have been better in the secondary when we have not combined these two under one coach.

Part of our problem has been the offensive line coaching. Noticed Warehime is no longer at Texas. His first year hear he benefited from having anchors in 4 yr starter Cooper and a 4 star player who would do anything and play anywhere and excel in Carter Wall. Plus he had the big sled runner, in the guy who played left guard (cannot remember his name) plus Freeman who had to retire. He had some great leaders on that offensive line. His coaching got exposed in his 2nd year here.

Scheflo did not get the job done. Surprised as he has history of being a great coach but have to wonder if heart was not in it anymore.

Randy Clements is the real deal. We had great lines when he was here as well as at Baylor. The other thing is it is real important that the line plays as a team and coordinates well together. Some risk of this not happening with coaches teaching separate parts of the line. Just need to get Randy some good Grad Assistants to work with.

(Jimmy Morris) #31

Still debatable. Our secondary gave up the same amount of passing yards and more passing TDs in 2015 with much more talent than 2017.

(jimmyschofield) #32

Corner and OLine are concerns, but how about linebacker? We have 9 listed on the roster and 5 incoming freshmen (2 are listed as defensive ends but are in the 220 pound range and could play as a “rush backer”).

Not much experience is returning; Emeke Egbule, Leroy Godfrey and David Anenih are the only 3 that saw any decent regular playing time. Some youngsters need to step up like Amaud Willis-Dalton (but listed at 200 lbs is he more a nickel?). Derek Parish has the size to be a classic downhill inside linebacker but how is he in coverage? We all know how teams like to take advantage of our inside guys against slot receivers. Jordan Milburn will be a junior so he needs to show something. Elijah Gooden can fly but he’s “only” 215 so we’ll see where he fits in. Roman Brown is a walk-on and listed around 225 but he was said to be making plays inside last year during the spring.

How will the incoming freshman fair? Dekalen Goodson is a 3-star but again, listed at 205 as is Zamar Kirven, who’s a 2-star. Both are outside linebackers. Donavan Mutin is a 3-star inside backer at 230 so he may see playing time right away by default. One guy I can see potential in is Logan Hall. He’s listed as a WDE but at 6-6, 225 and a pure athlete (excelled in hoops), hopefully he can wreak some havoc from the edge. Willie Smith is a 6-2, 245, SDE who may play outside as well as he’s a strong run stopper. Some of these guys will have to step up as Egbule and Godfrey are really the only guys who return any real production, stats wise.

What do you guys think about that TCU transfer Isaiah Chambers? He’s listed as a 260 pound DE. Think he moves to the edge in a 4-man front or is he an interior rusher? He’ll definitely be a wildcard.


You forgot we got Darrion Owens…grad transfer from Miami

(Cristian) #34

I dont think hes coming. Nothing on twitter. No news on him. Hes not even on the roster.

(Patrick) #35

He hasn’t enrolled yet and he’s not on the roster which means he won’t be here until the summer at the earliest. Doesn’t mean he’s not coming, but nothing is official and nothing has been announced.

Oddly, considering our past ability to recruit DL, our roster shapes up to where considering a 4-3 is an option for this team. Carter could be moved inside and Fleming and Young could be backups. Problem would be depth at DT after those 4.

LB is a concern though and it’ll be interesting to see it play out. Right side of the OL will be interesting as well, especially with new coaches.

(Alfred Matthews) #36

they are going to announce him today when classes actually start.


Some are talking about Taj Brown at ILB. He’s got the size at 6’ 3" or 4" and 256. I wonder about his speed and how much of the 256 is “baby fat”.


Also, If the grad transfers sign as part of the 2019 class, we could sign a guy like Shabazz Dotson, 6’ 3" 271 DT Cedar Hill, for 2018. I hope we’ve got a guy working on that.


I wouldn’t be disappointed to see us stick with undersized ILBs as long as they are fast and can tackle. What about Grant Stuard? Like Willis-Daulton, he seems more fit to be a safety or nickel, but if he’s tough and can tackle, I wouldn’t mind seeing him play some linebacker.


I think they are all nickles. lol Our safeties are the same size as our OLB’s.