New Seatbacks & Cushions Available this year

(Dustin K) #1 only $45 until Aug.


I read a sign at the spring game about not being able to bring in your own stadium seats, is that holding up for the season?

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i hope that was false because I’m going to be livid.


Yes. That rule is designed to force fans to either fork over $50 bucks or sit on hard hot seats. My seats are in the plastic chair backs and we would bring seat cushions. Nickle and dimming the fans is one of the things that turn the fans off and make them say the hell with it, I’ll go do something else. Forcing fans to rent these seat cushions is not the way to improve fan engagement.

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If that’s the case, they should probably remove the item below from the official campus bookstore, and also refund those of us who have purchased stadium seats from the campus retail shops. Incredibly stupid move.

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what a joke


If this is true we need to fill up Pezmans mailbox over this. Completely out of line for a guy trying to improve the fan experience.

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So I emailed Bruce Gregory, Sr. Associate AD for Event Operations, Facilities, & Grounds, and asked him whether we will still be able to bring in our own stadium seats in 2018, and this was his response:

“You will still be able to bring in your own person seat back, the only restriction is that it can not be wider than 18 inches (standard stadium seat size). The new IMG cushion seat backs are a new option this year for those that want to take advantage of it.”

Great news.




Man… My back be hurting by the 3rd quarter in those bleacher seats

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so the ones at academy is less than 18 inches?


The one I have is. Barely, 17.3 inches. Mine is the metal frame with the canvas type material.

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yeah that’s the one I have. not sure how wide it was.


If enough fans show up with 17 inch seats this year they will reduce the size to 16 inches.

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It’s good that they have a set number but my question is, how did they come up with 18"? Are the benches really only 45 feet long that sit 30 people? I feel like the average person is wider than 18" shoulder to shoulder. I feel like each space is at least 24" and if so, limiting the dimension to 18" is just to force some of the nicer ones out. Mine are 17 so it’s not a personal beef.

Quite frankly if the seats were a little cheaper, it would be worth renting them if I knew I was going to make 5 of the games just to not have to lug around two I have for me and my guest.

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Seems like a bargain to me. For less than $10 per game they will install, remove and maintain the seat back for you and you don’t have to buy, haul, store and remember it.

Those bleacher seats were already a super discount bargain. Now they’ve added value for just a few dollars more.

Cougar football continues to be the cheapest most valuable sports entertainment ticket in the state.

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For the record, my perspective was of one of many of us that already invested $30+ on a comfortable seat. So it just comes down to the hauling part because I’ve already bought two and I store them in the trunk all season long. It’s like paying $40 to mow and edge your lawn when you’ve already invested in a nice mower and edger.

Not complaining about the cost. Just saying, I’d rather just tote the ones I already have and spend the 10 bucks on my large coke and choice of stale nachos or stale popcorn.

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No, Pez said that is not happening. I sent him an email questionig this after reports of it happening at spring game. This is his reply:


Thanks for sharing your concerns and asking for clarification. This is pretty straight forward and easy:

Guests ARE allowed to bring in their own chairbacks and should have been allowed in at the spring game.

I hope this helps and please feel free to forward any questions you have in the future.

Go Coogs!


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Good deal, thanks.