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Where is Hakeem? It seems that he has been a bit silent for a while. This is just my own impression from many miles away.


He has a busy schedule with the Rockets. It seems like he only attends when he is personally invited. Same with Clyde.

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Hakeem lives out of the country (London I believe) and does a lot of charity work in Europe and in Africa. I don’t believe he’s currently in Houston right now and hasn’t been for awhile. Haven’t seen him at Rockets games for a bit.

I think Clyde still feels some guilt about his coaching experience. Wish he’d come back around, but he’s pretty busy as well with the Rockets broadcasts and a few other things.

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That’s too bad if Clyde feels that way. I hope there’s bad feelings about Adam’s lack of play here.

Clyde could come with Bill Worrell, who’s been at several games already. They’re like peas and carrots already.

Matt Bullard and tall son came out to a game in the last year or so at Hofheinz. I can’t remember the game.

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With me, it is not his coaching “experience” but rather how he left !!!

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I think the scappyness of Wes Van Beck around the ball has rubbed off. We usually didn’t
have guys diving on the floor for lose balls until Wes. Now it seems
everybody is getting after it, especially on defense.
Thanks Wes
Go Coogs!
We will rep DFW at SMU game.

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