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But the economy didn’t crater in 1957 or 1968 from all the deaths. So the argument that the economy craters either way is not accurate. The numbers are actually worse in 1957 and 1968 given the world population at the time. The total death numbers are about the same.

You do realize all viruses are not the same


One situation doesn’t prove anything. You have to look far deeper than the surface.

Besides that, the economy didn’t crater when 116K died. That doesn’t prove anything about what would happen if 1-2MM people in the US died.

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Randy yeah I get it viruses mutate. In fact the Hong Kong flu virus that killed a million people in 1968 has mutated and is still with us. Its part of our normal flu season.

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Agree, this one seems closer to the Spanish Flu than the 1957 or 1969 pandemics.

You haven’t proven that a million Americans would have died. They didn’t in other pandemics.

Why what about Covid19 is anywhere similar to 1918. Then anyone was at risk, in fact weirdly people in their 20’s were the most at risk. Covid is dangerous to the elderly the data is clear.

I can’t prove anything. I can point to what the epidemiologists are saying and it’s just that. You can ignore it and go with your gut but you will have to excuse me for not buying that.

And, that many did die in the Spanish Flu if you adjust for population size.

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The mortality rates are similar.

Randy Covid appears to be much closer to the 1968 Honk Kong flu epidemic.

These debates should have occurred before we shut the economy down.

Why is it similar? The mortality rate isn’t. Also, with some quick research, it looks like the 1968 virus wasn’t novel which is a different ballgame.

Moving slowly with pandemics is never a good thing.


Trump himself has proclaimed that if the shutdown had not occurred that up to 2.2 million might have died.


Randy that is total crap. Anyone can read the numbers.

Tell me what is crap.

Didn’t make that post because of whether I thought you like or hate Trump. Just stating that he made that claim, which is 22 times the number of 1957 and 1958 numbers of dead Americans.

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So Coumo said he desperately needed 40,000 ventilators. How many did he actually need? Just politicians being politicians.

We didn’t shut down the world in 1957 or 1968 and we survived just fine.

It is very hard to compare. The best I was thinking about is if you just look at Texas, our metro areas combined have about 10 times as many people as the greater Stockholm area, then our population outside of that is about double that of the rest of their country. So at minimum there would be 10k dead (with plenty more coming) if you did the math that way. Maybe it is a little inflated since our metro areas are huge area wise and I didn’t bother to compare population density in Stockholm to Houston/DFW/SA/Austin. Possibly could be low too with more people meaning faster spread. Either way, I will gladly take the current 500 number over whatever thousands would be dead with the Swedish plan.

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We’re the 3rd most populous country in the world. But you knew that. So of course our per capita ranking isn’t going to be high. We are ranked first in total tests administered, and by almost 2 million more than the next closest country. What’s that say? Its hard to manufacture these tests. I guess people think you just magically wave a magic wand and come up with 350 million tests over night?


We are the wealthiest country in the world and having that huge population usually means you have the people and resources to manufacture things quickly. You can throw out the tiny small countries like Malta and Cyprus, but there is a reason Germany has twice as many per capita. They started wide spread manufacturing and administering of test in January. Iceland has over 10 times as many per capita. Same thing there, it was a priority and focus. You are 100% correct that tests don’t pop up over night which is why testing should not have been ignored for so long. How many tests we have created in such a short amount of time shows we had the resources to be up there at the top of per capita testing.


First, I thought you said you understood that viruses were different, as in infectious rates and mortality rates.

Second, the 2.2 million possible deaths was from modeling that assumed no shutdown measures, as was the theoretical number of ventilators that could have been needed. This was a novel Coronavirus.


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