New Transfer Target - Justin Gorham from Towson (Update: Commits to Houston)


Averaged 10 and 7 as a sophomore. 6’7” forward.


the timing of his visit seems odd…why wait a month between visits

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3*kid by ESPN out of high school with offers from Towson, Rider, Fairfield, Drexel, Siena, Elon, James Madison, Robert Morris, San Diego, Duquesne, and St. Bonaventure.

Got some ups based off his high school video and there are a lot of block shots. Could be a solid defensive player if he makes it in:

Twitter if you want to follow. Only thing about Houston is the Rothstein post.

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Apparently he moved his visit date up to the 24th. He also visited George Washington earlier and didn’t commit

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Help out this casual fan:

Would he play in 2018?
Is there room to add him or does someone get the boot?

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looks like he would have to sit out this season and be eligible next season. he isn’t a grade transfer.

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Right/ Gorham would have to sit out next year and then have 2 season left to play.

We do have room right now as we have 2 scholarships available (1 if Grant is truly back with the team).

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im trying to get confirmation about grant to see if he still on the team. havent gotten any yet.


We technically don’t have any
We have 1 and we are saving it for McCullar

IMO I think Grant is on the team and we are holding out for McCullar and I’m using his visit date as the reason
He was visiting teams in May and early June… the month break before his Houston visit makes no sense …and coincidentally dates right after McCullars visit

I think we are waiting to see what the chances of McCullar


That makes zero sense. We have Gorham visiting the 24th. Why would we push his visit up if we were waiting on McCullar with no schollies available? If both choose UH, Grant will be a walk-on next year if he chooses to be here.


“Up” is still after McCullar,

McCullar is on the 21st

Again he was doing back to back visit on other schools and then randomly had Houston 1 month later… coincidentally right after McCullars visit …would be a strange coincidence


And McCullar has another visit to VTech on the 27th. McCullar isn’t making a decision until July. Those were his words. Sampson has two scholarships to work with. If he lands both guys, Gabe will be a walk-on. If he is still even here next season. Your theory makes zero sense. He’s taking a commitment from Gorham. Regardless of what McCullar does. And if McCullar wants to play here, then he’ll take a commitment from him. Gabe Grant isn’t going to change any of that.


You can tell a recruits interest by their visit… how strong there interest is

And gorham isn’t some high level recruit… it’s us or mid-majors… lets not make it seem like he’s the type that you kick players off your team for.
Sampson also isn’t the type of person to hold up a person scholarship depending on the decision of another recruit… or valentine wouldn’t have been on last years team

Gabe is likely on next year’s team, all the social media have already made numerous posts about being excited for next season with pictures of him and personally tagged Gabe’s social media

There is no evidence he will be a walk-on not even 1

Atleast my theory is based around something…

All Gorhams other visits to other schools was late may, June 1st …and 1 random visit in late June… coincidentally right after the visit of a touted recruit… supposedly when we only have 1 scholarship
No one spreads visits liked that… that is what has no explanation

He visits June 2nd, decide a to commit on the 7th … we miss out chance at McCullar

And read Landon’s presser… it insinuates their was 1 truly open scholarship before him and they didn’t want to use it just to use it… but Landon checked all the boxes and. Worth using it .


Lol. Gabe announced he was transferring. Wake me up when the school officially announces that Gabe is on the team. He’ll only be on scholly if we miss out on one of Gorham or McCullar.


Read exactly what was written on Gabes announcement… it never said he was transferring, it said he “received a release”

That means schools could contact him… To see if anyone wanted him else where

Gabe also isn’t from Houston and went home after announcing but came back for summer practice and recieved Jordan gear… Rob has been to some practice and he practice in regular clothes … so it’s not like they gave to everyone


I’ll defer to Rothstein on this one.


That’s a Twitter post not the release or his statement

Again what slight evidence do you have he’ll be a walk-on???
You have a habit of making what you prefer into “what will happen” like mcgusty and getting a big … Sampson already hinted the only not locked up scholly was used on Landon (with 1 committed to McCullar)

IMO my guess is if we land both, Gorham will be at HCC… we are the best team recruiting him and the only high major …we have the leverage


And…now it’s official.