New turf - New Acadmic Facility and Dining Facility

Checked out the IPF webcam and noticed they’re replacing the artificial practice field.


Is there an indoor cam?

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Just because Texas practiced on it :sunglasses:!


They realized LTH took a dump on it.

They have also just this week began finishing the exterior of the IPF. they have been installing the roof on the awning over the entrance. It has been so long ago when the awning was installed that I had just presumed that the top was to remain open.

Hey it is January 29, 2018 so not to bad. Yes I know that most everything else is done.

Wonder how long into 2019 will such work be going on at the Fertita Center.

That’s goin to be the big question: how long will that road trip be to start next basketball season?

If it takes longer to renovate an 8k seat arena than it took to demolish a 30k seat stadium and build a 40k seat stadium, the plan was flawed.

Baseball facility had taken 2yrs

I don’t remember the baseball team having to play on a different field with the fans sitting in bleacher sets for 2 seasons. What renovations are you actually referring to?

Not saying it isn’t flawed, but the football stadium didn’t have asbestos remediation issues


Unless someone was willing to contribute an additional ~$40 million to demolish Hofheinz Pavilion and then build a new arena, I don’t see how UH could have avoided the rather lengthy time period needed to abate asbestos and then reconstruct the interior within the limits of the existing structure. It is what it is.


I’m 99.999% sure all bids of cost and time frame estimates included asbestos removal.

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I agree. Already? The turf is less than a year old so if it is being replaced I certainly hope it is being covered by warranty.

There is no live stream anymore, otherwise people could watch us practice. Are you sure you weren’t watching the time lapsed view.

Doubtful !

A lot of over reacting going on here !

Over react? On Coogfans? Naaa. Surely you jest.


How did this thread start out as a discussion of new turf in the brand new IPF (already? heck, the original turf was installed just a few weeks ago!), and then morph into comments about the new Fertitta Center, and even the new baseball facility? Could we please stay on the original subject, and take the other things to the proper forums?

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And those #*$)# fountains… for pete sakes get some water shooting out of those things for cryin’ out loud!! :rofl:

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